The Running Master

A humourous comment by Sri Chinmoy


People who don’t run marathons feel sad that they don’t run them, and people who run marathons feel sad that they do run them. So many problems human beings have! Why do they have to create additional problems by entering into the world of marathoning? By running a marathon has anybody realised God? I don’t think any spiritual Master other than me has ever run a marathon. Perhaps they were wise people. Perhaps it is because I am not wise that I run marathons.

Published in Run and Become, Become and Run, part 13


A Future Prediction

Story by Sri Chinmoy


One owner of a gym in San Francisco has become very devoted to me. He says that one day I will be able to lift up 20,000 pounds. He has even drawn a sketch of the apparatus.

One girl could not lift something in his gym. He asked her to meditate on my picture. Then, after she meditated, she was able to lift the weight. Some people who lift weights in his gym say my name: “Sri! Sri!”

Published in My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles, part 3


Lifting from my Chair

Remarks by Sri Chinmoy


Believe it or not, on alternate days I lift 70 pounds very nicely while seated in my chair. The first set I do 20 repetitions and the second set I do 10 repetitions. With 80 pounds, I lift 10 times and then 7 times. I have not yet started to lift 90 or 100 pounds. On even days I do 50 pounds 50 times. But unless I have shown it to you, you can take it with a grain of salt.

I am very proud of the three or four boys who could lift 70 pounds a few days ago. They are very strong. I am also very proud of the girls’ performance.

Another thing that I have been doing recently is two sets of 20 and 10 pressing 70 pounds while lying down. I do 80 pounds only 10 times, but 70 pounds I have been doing for the last two and a half months.

Published in My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles, part 3


Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy trains inside one of the vacant airport terminals on a cold winter’s day in New York.


On 31 January 2006 — the day after lifting 270 pounds in the wrist curl — Sri Chinmoy introduces push-ups into his morning sessions. This is the first time he had done push-ups on a Christmas trip since 7 January 1986 in Kyoto, Japan, where he performed 2,230 push-ups continuously in 59 minutes and 50 seconds.

Sri Chinmoy’s push-ups are mostly done in four sets, beginning with rapid, slight dips and progressing to full, deep dips.

Published in My Morning Soul-Body Prayers, part 20



by Sri Chinmoy
in Penang, Malaysia
non-lifting day


4:36 a.m.

Push-ups (First day)

1st set (slight dips) 47 
2nd set (a little deeper) 30 
3rd set (medium dips) 19 
4th set (deep dips) 10



5:03 a.m.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

May my God-gratitude-heart
Blossom most beautifully
Every day.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

Published in My Morning Soul-Body Prayers, part 20