Early Athletics
Chinmoy – Star Athlete of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

by Animesh Harrington

All the known photographs of Chinmoy participating in athletic competition in the 1950’s are gathered together for the first time. Also included are rare portraits of him holding his awards. Read more…


Chinmoy – The Ashram Years

In this rare collection of photographs from the years 1944-1964, we see the young Chinmoy blossom spiritually. An extraordinary luminosity is reflected in his eyes and, as the time of his eventual departure from the Ashram draws near, he seems to brim with vast inner gifts waiting to be manifested. Read more...


Chinmoy Returns to India after Five Years

In March 1969, after five long years in the West, Chinmoy returned to India for the first time to visit his brothers and sisters at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. He was 37 years old. Though a novice photographer, he took a number of photos of his family members, various Ashramites and friends during his visit. He is also included in several photographs.

Next to this plethora of outer manifestations, perhaps even more striking is the astounding height and depth with which Indian philosophy probes the nature of the Cosmos, the amazing subtlety of the vision of reality it espouses. Read more...


Visit to India 1972

In the summer of 1972, Sri Chinmoy returned to India. This time he took Lily, Arpita and Mantu on a trip to the north of India. Read more...