Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1978


The heart of the year 1978
Belongs to the aspiration-perfection-sky.
The life of the year 1978
Belongs to the dedication-satisfaction-land.
Heart is humanity’s changeless oneness
                    With God.
Heart is humanity’s changing newness
                    In God.
Life is humanity’s crying fulness
                    In God.
Life is humanity’s smiling fulness
                    For God.

— Sri Chinmoy


Listen to Sri Chinmoy reciting his New Year’s Message...



Sri Chinmoy held his annual public meditation for the New Year on December 18, 1977, at Columbia University’s McMillan Theatre in New York. Earlier the same day, Sri Chinmoy cooked 1,000 Indian sweets in Jamaica, Queens, New York. At the conclusion of the evening, after reading out his New Year’s Message, he offered the items individually to the audience as prasad.


Inspirational talk at the beginning of the New Year

by Sri Chinmoy at the United Nations, in New York


O soul of the United Nations, we wish to serve you more soulfully and more devotedly, and for that what we need is more peace. Do tell us where peace is in abundant measure.

"Where is peace? Peace is in joy."

Where is joy?

"Joy? Joy is in love."

Where is love?

"Love? Love is in oneness."

Where is oneness?

"Oneness? Oneness is in vision."

Where is vision?

"Vision? Vision is in aspiration."

Where is aspiration?

"Aspiration? Aspiration is in self-giving. Aspiration is in truth-becoming, in light-becoming, in life-becoming and, finally, in God-becoming."

O soul of the United Nations, from the very dawn of this New Year, we wish to serve you more soulfully, more devotedly and more unconditionally.

Published in The seeker's mind