From the Writings of Sri Chinmoy



The heart-cottage
Is inundated
With silence and peace.
To lose one’s child-heart
Is to lose everything.
My heart shall
No more dream
Empty dreams.
The heart that gives
Receives everything
In return.
No mind-made force
Can ever equal
A heart-born power.
The heart of every human being
Can leave behind a legacy
Of world-illumining compassion.
A powerful mind
Can have enemies,
But not a peaceful heart.
Be a true friend
Of your own heart.
Lo and behold,
All will befriend you.
Where do I live?
I live inside the hope-fragrance
Of my heart-garden.


A doubting mind
Is always in transit
To nowhere.
The secrets of the inner heights
Dwell far beyond
The territories of the mind.
Why do you have to suffer
In the stormy winter of the mind?
Just take a permanent vacation
In the sunny tropics of the heart.
An iota of peace in the mind
Can expedite 
Our inner journey.
The mind-map
Is a life-trap.
The information-mind
Is all we have.
The illumination-mind
Is all we need to become.
When the mind does not speak,
Its unspoken words
Are extremely powerful.
Let us call a halt
To this nonsense
That the transformation
Of the mind
Is an impossible task.
The boomerang-thoughts
Shall return to your mind
If you do not allow your heart-light
To enter into your mind.


Peace-dreamer I was.
Peace-lover I am.
Peace-giver I shall eventually become.
Peace and enlightenment
Are like flowers and fragrance.
Every morning I look upward
To see a drop of peace
Be wise,
Buy peace, today buy.
The price will go high.
Each heart-bird of mine
Is a passport to the world
Of peace-blossoms.
May the flames of peace-torch
Kindle and awaken
Each and every world-citizen.
If we can dive deep within
On the strength of our prayers
And meditations,
We shall clearly see
That peace comes to us
From all directions.
O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come,
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.
The peace-song
Is the only song
That this world of ours
Has not yet been able to sing


Happiness shared
Is maximised.
Perfect happiness is
Enthusiasm minus
My heart’s inner happiness
Can easily dispel the heaviness
Of my life’s outer burdens.
Be happy
You will get what you like most.
You will be what you like best.
Is the birthright
Of every human heart.
The mind chases happiness.
The heart creates happiness.
The soul is happiness
And it spreads happiness
Happiness is
The heart’s great contribution
To life.
I do not calculate
I only cultivate
Are twins.


Life is velocity.
Therefore, I want to run fast, very fast.
May my everyday life
Be a roaring waterfall
Of creativity.
Everything that is
Is a golden opportunity to realise God.
Therefore, do not withdraw
From the battlefield of life.
Live your life
Second by second,
If you want to be successful.
Life has no limits.
It is the mind that creates
Life’s so-called limits.
Alone he stood
Above all storms of life.
We must learn once more
That human life
Is the melody of a universal song.
No life should remain
An unexplored reality.
Life’s experiences
On zigzag roads.



You follow
Your heart's love.
Your life's happiness
Will follow you.
Love is not a thing to understand.
Love is not a thing to feel.
Love is not a thing to give and receive.
Love is a thing only to become
And eternally be.
The difference between Truth and Love
is this: Truth lived before all beginnings;
Love will live after all ends.
Law is not love.
But love is law.
Love builds;
Power breaks.
Life without love
Is a tree without fruits.
Somehow —
Love lovingly explores.
No love
Which is not love
For all.
He who loves never grows old.
God is a shining example.


The World
The moment you know
Who you really are,
All secrets of the world
Will be an open book to you.
Don’t blame the world; better it.
By bettering yourself at every moment.
Try not to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, the world is changed. Changed forever.
I have not come into the world
To become a world-shaker,
But to become a world-lover
And a world-server.
Let my vision dive
Deep within
So that I can see the world
With the beauty
Of a poet’s heart.
Belief holds the world.
Confidence nourishes the world.
Love transforms the world.
The world is not dying for
Great leaders.
The world is only dying for
Each thought
Is a miniature world
I came into the world
To think of the world,
To sing for the world
And to die for the world.



If you can quote
From your soul’s wisdom-light,
Then easily you will answer
Life’s most difficult questions.
Mine is the wisdom-light
That tells me to ask
Not for a lighter burden,
But for a stronger heart.
A wisdom-giver.
Friendship is a secret and sacred
wisdom of millennia.
What is wisdom?
Wisdom is something
That reconciles opposite truths.
Action minus
Is a failure-expedition.
Love of God is the beginning of human wisdom. Surrender to God’s Will is the flowering of divine wisdom.
Each pure heart embodies
The pearl
Of wisdom-light.
Knowledge has
A very short breath.
Wisdom has
Eternity’s Breath.
What is the real wisdom-light?
The real wisdom-light
Is to help Truth regain
Its lost throne.


Human life is always given strength to fly the kite of hope.
The beauty
Of our hope-dreams
Can never be fathomed.
The day is fast approaching
When the hope-caravan of the seekers
Shall successfully and gloriously
Pass through the frustration-desert.
No matter what happens,
Do not lose hope,
For once hope is gone,
Everything is gone.
The ancient hope:
A peaceful world.
The modern hope:
Powerful nations.
Hope is the strongest pillar
That protects
The entire world.
Hope, O sweet hope,
You are still keeping humanity
Knows no fear.
In the morning
I soulfully gather


Time does not create us.
We create time.
Don’t laugh at time!
Time will devour you.
I look upward. I earn time.
I look forward. I utilise time.
I look inward. I save time.
I look backward. I waste time.
The time for introspection
For each human mind
Has already arrived.
We are all
Of time.
Here and now
Is the only real time.
Dream not of a better time.
Now is the time
To make ourselves
Meditation has to calm
The restlessness
Of time.
Now is the only time
To end any war.
We must realise
That the river of time
Does not wait
For anyone.



We must forgive ourselves first,
Long before we forgive
Our enemies.
I believe in
Forgiving seconds
And not unforgiving hours.
May I have a heart that forgives,
Forgives and forgives.
The age-old discovery —
Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness —
Is the only way
To real happiness.
Is the strength
Of a hero supreme.
Nothing is
As powerful
As forgiveness.
Stretched a long distance
Becomes forgiveness.
Is founded upon
Real forgiveness
Does not remember
The past.
Sweetens our hearts
Enlightens our minds.


We know and we do not know.
We know how to roam,
But we do not know
How to return Home.
My heart
Is one of my homes,
But my heart’s only Home
Is God.
Home is not where I live.
Home is where

 I am all peace.
Life and death:
They come out from the same home
And go back to the same home.
My heart
Is the home
For my dreams.
Do not allow fear
To claim your heart
As its own home.
Finally, my wandering mind
Has found its real home:
I must fly
To my heart-home
With the wings of love.
>We shall all return Home
When the Hour strikes for us.


Silence refutes
All arguments.
Silence is not silent.
Silence speaks.
It speaks most eloquently.
Silence does not need a microphone —
The sound of silence
is very loud.
Speaks the truth.
Can never be misquoted.
Is anything but
Empty nothingness.
Words fail,
Silence prevails.
Meditation means
Conversation with silence.
In death we choose
The breath of silence.
I must cultivate
Nature’s silence
Inside my heart.


The Way

He who enquires about the Way that leads to the Supreme will never be lost.
The outer way leads me
Always astray,
But the inner way, never.
The immediate way
Of the soul
Is the right way.
Mine is not the way
To follow the world.
Mine is not the way
To lead the world.
Mine is the way
To walk along with God.
To know the way
Is not sufficient.
You must walk along the way
To the farthest end.
God’s Hands
Lovingly show me
The Way.
Hope shows the way.

Promise shortens the way.

Aspiration reaches the destination.
The ancient way of meditation
Is to enjoy the fruits

Of renunciation.
The modern way of meditation
Is to multiply the flames

Of aspiration.
Our way is the way
Of heart-to-heart

To challenge is not the best way
To solve world problems.
The best way is to have a oneness-heart
Larger than the largest.


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