MALAY MAIL Singapore – November 5, 1969


An Indian Meditation Master who founded the Aum Centres in the United States is now in Singapore to meet local spiritual seekers.

After 20 years of spiritual disciplines in India, Sri Chinmoy went to the United States, where for the past five years he has opened centres in New York, Connecticut, Miami, and Puerto Rico.

The word “Aum” is of major significance in the Hindu world as it represents the first subtle sound which originated from God.

Sri Chinmoy said yesterday “Meditation gives the individual inner peace.”



“Anyone can practice meditation as long as they have sincerity.

“People in modern civilisation are faced with complex problems and meditation helps to ease their mental burden.

“Singapore, for all its advancement and westernisation, will never lose its Asian way of life.

“Its inhabitants have the inner strength to develop only the good qualities of the West to synthesise with the good Eastern traits.

“My price for imparting the message of meditation is sincerity.

“My trip to the Far East was financed from my own funds,” he said.

Sri Chinmoy is visiting Singapore after giving lectures in Japan and The Philippines.

He will visit India on the way back to the United States, where he will resume work in his centres and lecture in major universities like Princeton, Yale, Harvard and Cornell.

Note: This article was originally printed in The Expanding Light, Sri Chinmoy's Manifestation as Reflected in The World Press, November 1967 – July 1974, p.27-28, published by Agni Press, 1974.