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Duration: 1½ minutes

February 1965 – Interview on WBAI Radio, New York City

Transcription from the original live recording.


 0:00  Now that I am here in the West, I would like to speak a few words about East and West.

 0:06  East and West may be taken as the two eyes of the same human body. The present human divisions and distinctions – racial, cultural and linguistic – now barriers to unity, are destined to blot themselves out of the human consciousness when it is flooded with a new Light and Force.

 0:27  This is the inevitable consequence of a new Light that is dawning all over the world. Diversities will be there, and they will be enhanced in fullest measure, but they will not sway the general consciousness. Rather, they will be happy and harmonious complements to a unique whole – a true human family in every sense of the term, and in a yet unknown sense.

 0:56  This is a most hopeful streak of light amidst the surrounding obscurities. This is a moment, not merely of joining hands, but of joining minds, hearts and souls. Across all physical and conventional barriers between East and West, high above national standards, above even individual standards, will fly the supreme banner of Divine Oneness.

– End –

Note: This is the earliest known recording of Sri Chinmoy, made just ten months after his arrival in the West, at the age of 33.

Reference: Sri Chinmoy originally read this message during an interview with Mr. Edwin Ross on WBAI Radio in New York City. Excerpts from their conversation were later published in I Wanted To Be A Seeker Of The Infinite by Sri Chinmoy, (Agni Press, New York, 2012).

Published versions:
‘East and West’ by Sri Chinmoy was first publsihed in AUM Magazine, Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 3, AUM Press, Puerto Rico, August 27 & October 27, 1965). It was subsequently reprinted in Sri Chinmoy’s book, Yoga And The Spiritual Life: The Journey of India’s Soul (Agni Press, New York, 1971).