Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1984


The seeker’s confidence-heart
And the seeker’s surrender-life
Shall play together
The complete perfection-game
In God’s Vision-Home.

— Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy offered a New Year’s meditation for the public on December 10, 1983, at Washington Irving High School in Manhattan. At the end of the programme, Sri Chinmoy delivered his message for the New Year.



• Question asked on 31 December 1983, after Sri Chinmoy's talk on the New Year.

Question: If somebody wants to choose one time of the year to make a new start —- such as your birthday, or the anniversary of our joining the Centre, or our own birthday, or the beginning of the New Year — are each of these times equally good?

Sri Chinmoy: My birthday, your own birthday, the anniversary of your becoming a disciple, the day I came to America — all these are most significant days. Every hour cannot be the same. The way you can meditate early in the morning at six o’clock, you will not be able to meditate at twelve noon, unless you are an expert. Early in the morning, it is quite easy. Later in the day, it is not so easy. It is not impossible, but it is not easy.

When we remain here, in the earth-bound life, we cannot say that every day is equally important. No, every day is not equally important. Some days are bound to be more important than other days. That is why we observe anniversaries and birthdays. When a birthday comes, at that time we say to ourselves, “Why did I come here? Have I made any progress since I accepted the spiritual life? In some fields I have made progress; in other fields I have not made progress, or I have gone backwards.”

In your case, you have made so much progress in music. But again, you are losing your spontaneity and childlike consciousness. I am telling you about your progress and backward march for your good. You have made progress in one thing and gone backwards in another. If you had maintained your childlike consciousness, it would have given tremendous joy to your soul. Like this, everybody is a culprit. People have made considerable progress in one thing and in another field they have lost their previous standard and climbed down instead of up.

So you can choose any date you want to make a new start, but once you start, then you have to continue. Otherwise, on your birthday you will try to meditate very soulfully and the day after your birthday you will say, “Yesterday I meditated so soulfully. So today I do not have to meditate.” Our human life is like that. We eat voraciously one day and the following day we do not want to eat. But in the spiritual life, we have to eat every day because our capacity to eat is unlimited. God’s Affection, Love, Blessings, Concern and Compassion are unlimited, so God gives us unlimited receptivity.

Published in Sri Chinmoy answers, part 34


• On New Year’s Day, January 1, 1984, Sri Chinmoy composes a Bengali/English pair of songs about the New Year. The score is displayed below.


Gunjari Gunjari Phukari Phukari

Bengali lyrics

Gunjari gunjari
Phukari phukari
Nabina barashe jagichhe
Amar trishita paran

English translation

Hauntingly, puissantly
My God-hunger-thirst
In the New Year is growing.

Published in Journey’s Ecstasy, song no. 138


• Early in the new year,  Sri Chinmoy set the words of his New Year’s message to music.


The Seeker’s Confidence Heart


The seeker’s confidence-heart,
The seeker’s surrender-life,
Shall play together
The complete perfection-game
In God’s Vision-Home.

Published in Impossibility Bows