Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1995



  My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!
  “My child, My child, My child!”

  My Lord, my Supreme Lord, my only Lord!
  This year my heart’s streaming gratitude-tears have given me the unimaginable capacity to place at Your Forgiveness-Feet the sweet bloom of my love, the pure blossom of my devotion and the true fragrance of my surrender.

  “My child, My Infinity’s Dream-child, My Immortality’s Reality-child, this year I shall grow in you with My unfailing Newness Hope-Sky and I shall shine through you with My rising Fulness-Promise-Sun.”

  My Lord, I am perfect only when I have Your Happiness-Heart as my sleepless Companion.
  “My child, I am complete only when I have your oneness-life as My breathless companion.”

  My Lord, my only Lord, this year to You, only to You,
I shall offer My Victory’s crown.
  “My child, you, only you, are My Victory’s Throne.”

— Sri Chinmoy



On December 1, 1994, Sri Chinmoy offered a Peace Concert/New Year’s Concert at St. Paul the Apostle Church in New York, NY, USA.