Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1990


My Lord Supreme,
I am now feeling powerfully great
By offering You my mind’s gratitude-smiles.
My Beloved Supreme,
I am now feeling breathlessly good
By offering You my heart’s gratitude-cries.
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Out of Your infinite Bounty,
Do share with me a blessingful secret
For the New Year, 1990.

“My child,
My infinity’s Dream-treasuring child,
I shall share with you not one,
But two blessingfully sacred secrets.
Yesterday’s self-gratifying division-hunger-world
Will before long be buried in oblivion-cave.
My child,
My Immortality’s Reality-manifesting child,
Today’s self-giving oneness-aspiration-world
Will receive from Me
In the victory-flooded future
My Transcendental Silence-Crown
And My Universal Sound-Throne.”

— Sri Chinmoy



On December 10, 1989, Sri Chinmoy offered a Peace Concert and a New Year’s meditation at Washington Irving High School in New York, NY, USA.