Sri Chinmoy’s Work at the United Nations:
Spirituality and the Power of Silence

by Prof. Kusumita P. Pedersen
printed in the journal CrossCurrents, September 2010

Many may think of the United Nations mainly as the secular arena of political strife, but the World Organization has a spiritual dimension which, although it is often not visible to the general public, is intrinsic to its purposes. This essay describes the work of the philosopher, poet, humanitarian, and peace-server Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) at the United Nations, a work that was devoted to bringing to the fore, fostering and articulating this spiritual dimension. Sri Chinmoy saw the United Nations not merely as a political institution but as “the Heart-Home of the World-Body” and the focal point of an emerging “world-oneness.”Read more at Wiley Online Library...


Light in the United Nations

by Agni (José Luis Casanova)

For one visiting the city of New York, it would be very easy to overlook a steel and stone building on the bank of the East River around mid-town Manhattan. Its architecture is not imposing by any means. Its grounds are not extensive and its physical size is not domineering. But inside it dwells the hope of all humanity, for it is the house of the United Nations. Within its granite walls, a swarm of human beings work frantically day and night to bring understanding among the peoples of the earth. Read more...