Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1991



  The daring competition-success-might of the human mind is wisely going to surrender to the caring illumination-progress-delight of the divine heart.
  The inner voice is whispering the supreme Message-Light for humanity’s perfection-life. Let us listen. We can listen. We must listen!

  Hurtful is the outer adventure-capture-march. Fruitful is the inner adventure-rapture-dive.
  The outer world belongs to the supremacy-fighters. The inner world belongs to the oneness-lovers. God’s ultimate Perfection-World will bless and embrace the oneness-lovers with fondness and pride, and reject and forget the supremacy-fighters.

  God the Creation, in breathless Sound, asks God the Creator: “O, where are You?”
  God the Creator, in fathomless Silence, replies: “I am inside your Oneness-Fulness-Peace-Blossoming Dream-Reality.”

— Sri Chinmoy



On December 12, 1990, Sri Chinmoy offered a Peace Concert and a New Year’s meditation at Hunter College in New York, NY, USA.

On November 27, 1990, Sri Chinmoy wrote a special Peace Song for 1991. 


Peace in My Flying Soul




Peace, Peace, Peace Peace.
Peace in my flying soul,
Peace in my crying heart,
Peace in my searching mind,
Peace in my striving vital,
Peace in my sleeping body.
Peace, Peace, Peace Peace.
Peace in Heaven, peace on earth,
Peace in every human life,
Peace in oneness-heart-home.
Peace, Peace, Peace Peace.

Published in A Heart of Peace, song no. 22


Two talks about the New Year

by Sri Chinmoy to his students

Bali Garden Hotel, Kuta, Bali – 31 December 1990

Everybody, please try to think of three good qualities. You know you have many, many good qualities, but just try to bring to your mind’s forefront three good qualities. Three good qualities you will bring to the fore. And from tomorrow on, during the whole year, try to increase and multiply those good qualities.

Then try to bring to the fore seven shortcomings of your life. Some of you may say that you do not have seven bad qualities. So just to please me cultivate some, or imagine some bad qualities which you don’t have. Then remember each one of these seven bad qualities and repeat it seven times. Take each bad quality as a flower; don’t take each bad quality as a thorn. Don’t think of bad qualities as thorns and good qualities as flowers. No; each good quality is a fragrance and each bad quality is a flower.

So think of three kinds of fragrance that you have, and increase the intensity of your fragrances. Then please try to recollect seven bad qualities, taking each one as a flower. You can make a list: doubt, insecurity, jealousy, inferiority complex or superiority complex, and so on. Seven bad qualities you will write down. Nobody else will know. Then one every day please place at the Feet of the Supreme.

In your prayer and meditation, just offer them like this: “O my Lord Supreme, I am offering You my doubt. I am offering You my jealousy, my insecurity, my inferiority, my minds insincerity, my hearts impurity.”

You will get tremendous joy if you do this. In one week’s time, you will be able to increase your good qualities. And I assure you, at the same time, in one weeks time you will see how your bad qualities are decreasing in power and disappearing from your life. If you sincerely try, in one week’s time you will see how you will be able to increase your good qualities and decrease your bad qualities. You will be very happy. And in the New Year, you will be able to do many, many things.

You give me all your promises, which unfortunately most of you, if not all, will not fulfil. But this you will be able to see very soon — that you have decreased seven bad qualities and increased three good qualities.

I will deeply appreciate it if all of you will please try to keep in mind one bad quality that we all have: looking at others imperfections. Each time you think of others imperfections, please make it a point to feel most sincerely that you are misusing and losing the most precious life-breath from your God-Realisation-hope and God-Manifestation-promise.


Los Angeles Airport, USA – 28 January 1991

This is now morning. Morning gives us inspiration. On our behalf the mind accepts this inspiration from the world of inspiration. And morning gives us aspiration. On our behalf the heart accepts this aspiration from the world of aspiration.

Three things we need, and we already have two things out of the three. Inspiration and aspiration we already have, and what we still need is realisation, realisation of our conscious, constant and inseparable oneness with our Lord Beloved Supreme throughout Eternity.

I have already given some New Year’s messages. Now I wish to offer another very short message.

The New Year has dawned. This year is the year of most significant, most significant achievements. It is not the year of hope, not the year of promise, but the year of achievements. We all must achieve something divine and supreme, both in the world of aspiration and in the world of dedication. There is not a single disciple who cannot do this.

In previous years we hoped to do something most significant. We promised to our Lord Supreme and to ourselves that we would do something most significant for Him. Somehow we did not keep our promise to the fullest extent. Our hope-thirst was not properly quenched. Our promise-hunger was not properly fed. But this year we shall not only quench our thirst and feed our hunger, we shall also accomplish something unique and unprecedented.

This year please do not recite and repeat the motto: “I have tried my best.” That motto is obsolete now. The new motto is: “I am going to fulfil my Lord Beloved Supreme without fail this year.” This new motto kindly repeat seven times a day with your mind’s utmost sincerity and with your heart's utmost purity. Please remember: with your mind’s utmost sincerity and with your heart’s utmost purity. Seven times at different hours, please repeat this.

Yesterday’s frustrations, yesterday’s failures must not compel us to accept unwillingness. Yesterday’s failures, frustrations, defeats and unfortunate negative qualities must be buried in oblivion. Today, from this moment on, try to see a rainbow-dawn in your heart-sky. Then your mind will have a new name, your heart will have a new name, and your life will have a new name. Newness will become your mind’s proper name, oneness will become your hearts proper name and fulness will become your life’s proper name.

In August when you come to New York for celebrations, I would like to see the radiance and effulgence of your heart-garden. And inside your heart-garden I would like to see my gratitude-heart.

I am now in California. To the soul, to the heart and to the physical existence of California, I am offering my soul’s transcendental blessings and my hearts infinite, infinite love.  For me, California is power, power unimaginable. Let us try to utilise this power in a very soulful way. Let us make this power constructive, illumining and fulfilling. The divine fulfilment, supreme fulfilment of this power will not only make California a supremely choice instrument of our Lord Beloved Supreme, but also the entire length and breadth of American can and will be inspired by the unparalleled achievements of California.