1. Conscience is the inner voice, the voice of light. This voice tells us to say the right thing, to do the right [thing] and become the right thing. What is the right thing to say? God is for all. What is the right thing to do? To love God in every human being. What is the right thing to become? To become a cheerfully and devotedly unconditional instrument of God.



2. When we say the right thing, God smiles at us. When we do the right thing, God blesses us. When [we] become the right thing, God embraces us.




3. Conscience warns us: not to go back to the animal life. Conscience asks us to lead the real human life, the life of morality, and then c. inspires us to listen constantly only to the dictates of the Inner Pilot. Animal life is destruction. Human life is frustration. Divine life [is] dedication. There was a time when we lived the life of destruction. Now we are living the life of frustration and in the future we hope to lead the life of dedication. Dedication is the secret art of giving what we have and what we are.



What we have is an inner cry to realise the absolute supreme. What are we? We are the chosen inst. [instruments] to manifest God on earth.


4. A life of con. is a life of divine confidence. A life of confidence is a life of perfect a life of earth-perfection. A life of earth-perfection is a life of God-satisfaction. For us God-satisfaction is the only thing that the aspiring man in us needs. Pleasure satisfaction is the only thing that the desiring man in us needs.



The desiring man wants to devour the whole world. But before he devours he is compelled to starve by the cosmic forces and then death comes [and] devours him. The aspiring man wants to love the world, serve the world. Before he loves the world, he realises that the world has already started loving him soulfully. Before he serves the world, he sees that the world has already started serving him devotedly.



5. C. is creative and conscious evolution. Who is evolving? God the ascending man. Who is descending? God the loving Saviour and illumining Liberator.




When we are in the process of creative evolution, we come to realise our discovery of God is eternally old and our invention of God is eternally new. When we are in the process of conscious evolution, we see no one but God within us and nothing but God-Light without us. The difference between God and God-Light is this God becomes and God-Light is. To each seeker God becomes a diff[erent] person and different reality according to his power of receptivity. But to each [seeker] God-Light or (?) God is the same – Love-flood and Compassion-flood.


6. When c. is our guide, we do not make a mistake. When we do not make any mistake, we do not become a victim to despair. A life without despair means a life of achievement and fulfilment. Here the seeker




the seeker does not live in the dreamland. He lives in the reality-country. Here his heaven hope-hunger is sumptuously fed. Here his earthly dream-boat has reached the heavenly reality-shore. Here his aspiration-kite flies in the realisation-sky. Earth-life is nothing but compromise. In the festival of compro[mise] conscience is never to be found. Conscience feels it is imperative that one has to accept God-light and Truth totally and unconditionally. If one is for both God and ignorance, then he is a fool. Neither God nor ignorance can nor will claim or even accept him on their own. If one wants to remain neutral, that means inwardly




he has chosen one side. Owing to (?) fear and difficulty one does not dare to declare his feeling, (?) and his support. But we must know that conscience is for spiritual people, people who consciously and constantly need God. Therefore when c. plays its role one has to be a hero-warrior, he has to work dynamically and heroically without paying any attention to the results of his endeavour. Who cries for the success-result from our action. The beggar in us. Who cries for the progress-result from our action. The seeker in us. Who cries for the cheerful surrender-result from [our action]. The divine Lover in us.




Who is the divine Lover in us. God. Who is the divine beloved in us? God. God the Lover flies from the finite into infinite into the Infinite to see the (?) of unity – and God the Beloved [flies] from the Infinite into the finite. . .




The above draft formed the basis of Sri Chinmoy’s lecture, entitled ‘Conscience’, which he delivered at Sherwood Hall Boys School in Mansfield, England on 26 June 1974. The lecture was subsequently published in My Rose Petals, Part 3, by Agni Press in 1974.