by Sri Chinmoy

12 March 1990

In the morning, I had a dream about my running. There were two runners: the human runner and the divine runner, my human runner and my divine runner. I was at once the human runner and the divine runner. These two runners had a race, a 100-metre dash.

When the race started, the human runner took the lead. After the first twenty metres, the divine runner was behind the human runner. Then the divine runner, while running, put his right palm on the human runner and said, “Bless you.”

Then the divine runner went so fast. By the time the human runner had gone another ten metres, the divine runner had finished the race. Then the divine runner came back and blessed the human runner.

The human runner said, “I am so grateful to you. The divine runner in you allowed me to run with you.”

The divine runner said, “I am so proud of you that you took the lead. I was behind you. And, at the same time, I am grateful to you because you inspired me. It is your own human aspiration that brought me, the divine runner, to show my capacity. Otherwise, if you had not run, if you did not want to run, if you did not inspire me to run, I would not have run. I do not have to run on the physical plane. But you wanted me to run on the physical plane, so I ran. I am very proud of you because you went ahead of me for twenty metres, and I am grateful to you that you inspired me to run on the physical plane. Otherwise, I do not have to run on the physical plane, being a divine runner.”

There were many judges. Now, the judges were confused, puzzled. They were divine judges. Anyway, the judges said, “If we accept this timing, then there will be no hope for human runners on earth to run. If we accept it, others will say it is like those runners who take help from drugs.

In my case, the divine runner is receiving divine things from within, not undivine help from outside. But if earth’s receptivity or earth’s standard is so far behind, then who will accept the divine runner’s achievements on the physical plane? The divine runner has to achieve significant things on the spiritual plane because he is the divine runner. Again, if the divine runner does not inspire the human runner, if he does not work on the physical plane, then human beings will not make progress. Divinity has to walk side by side with humanity. Otherwise, if there is any race between divinity and humanity, divinity will always win. If you care for humanity, then divinity has to come down and walk side by side with humanity, to raise it.

So now the judges were saying that they would take ten days in order to make their final decision as to whether this timing would be accepted as legitimate timing. They are all divine judges. Divine judges have so much compassion for the evolution of earth, that if it is too fast evolution, if it takes place too fast on the physical plane by the divine runner, it may confuse the human runner and he will give up if we accept the timing of the divine runner.

If somebody does something miraculous, we may think, what is the use of doing it? If I have to play tennis with Ivan Lendl, then before I even start, I will give up. So like that. But if Lendl is kind, he will say, “No, let us play. I want to make your standard better.”

If somebody is infinitely better than me in anything, and if he does not come down to my level, then what good is it? Take a professor. He has to come down to the level of the student to teach him. If he remains on his level, with his wisdom, the student will not receive anything. When a teacher teaches a little child the ABC, he knows he has read thousands and millions of books, but he comes down to the ignorance-level or you can say the capacity of the child who has to learn the ABC. At the same time, the teacher maintains the knowledge and wisdom that he has gained from reading so many books. If he does not come down to the level of ABC for the little child, then how will the little child learn the alphabet and eventually read books for himself?

So the divine judges were very pleased with the divine runner. The human runner also was pleased that he inspired the divine runner to participate on the physical plane, the earthly plane.

If you have this kind of sweet dream, will it manifest itself or will the dream remain a dream? If such dreams are manifested, then the evolution of this world, the progress of this world, will be unimaginable.


(Sri Chinmoy dictated this to me on the same day he had the dream. He commented afterwards, “If you give it to some dream analyst, they will give a wonderful explanation.” – Vidagdha)