Maestro Ravi Shankar and Sri Chinmoy

The greatest Indian sitar player of his time Ravi Shankar passed away on December 11, 2012. He was born in 1920 in Varanasi, India, to Bengali parents and went on to achieve worldwide acclaim as a virtuoso musician. Through his music he opened the door to Indian culture and spirituality in the West. He first met Sri Chinmoy in 1973 in New York and the two spent hours together conversing in their native Bengali language. They had a profound respect for one another and, in 2002, as a mark of deep friendship, Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka offered a private concert for Sri Chinmoy and his students. These historic meetings are documented in an article by Vidagdha Bennett entitled ‘Pilgrims of Eternity’. Read more…


Ravi Shankar

Sri Chinmoy’s soulful song ‘Pranati Janai Ravi Shankar’ honouring his dear friend was released on CD entitled Pranati–Obeisance and can be heard on Radio Sri Chinmoy.


Ravi Shankar, to you I offer my soulful obeisance.
You are the Lion-Sitarist.
In the world of hallowed music-pilgrimage,
    Immortal you are in every heart.
From high Heaven the Cosmic Gods descend and garland you.
At every moment they illumine your life-road.
Two sleepless friends you have:
Heaven’s Fragrance, Heaven’s Glory.
    Rapt in dance at the Feet of the Absolute Lord Supreme
    Is your outer frame.

— Sri Chinmoy (August 16, 2002)

Translated by Sri Chinmoy from his original Bengali verse.


Sri Chinmoy and Ravi Shankar

by Ashok Parulekar

They are two great musicians who gave India’s divine gift of soulful music to the whole world. Ravi Shankar was the greatest Sitar player in the world who passed away recently. Spiritual master Sri Chinmoy composed 21000 soulful songs and performed in 700 Peace Concerts around the world based on his own meditative compositions and using a number of musical instruments. Sri Chinmoy left his body in October, 2007. Both will be eternally alive through their music and inspire humanity through generations. at The Indian Panorama