The lyrical quality of the Bengali language lends itself perfectly to poetic expression. Its cadence and rhythm give it a natural musicality. Even so, it takes the touch of divine inspiration to transform these elements into immortal songs.

Sri Chinmoy had the rare gift of being able to create Bengali lyrics and simultaneously imbue them with haunting and exquisite melodies.

From his earliest childhood until the final days of his life, he immersed himself in the world of song. He was fond of quoting Tagore’s beautiful verse:

   To the birds you gave songs,
the birds gave you songs in return.
   You gave me only a voice,
yet asked for more, and I sing.

A day did not go by when Sri Chinmoy did not sing, play or compose songs. And he spent long hours patiently teaching these Bengali songs to his Western students.

He held the belief that “In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music.” His compositions and recordings have the effect of transporting the listener to a meditative state.

In this section, we hope to bring you some of Sri Chinmoy’s Bengali songs that have become beloved classics over the past few decades.





Ami Jabo   —  composed August 1982

Hiya Pakhi   —  composed December 1974

Jiban Debata   —  composed June/July 1978