Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 2004


NOVEMBER 3, 2003


The Year 2004
My prayerful message:

At the end of a very long and
uncertain Ignorance-flooded
the Beauty of a New Hope and
the Ecstasy of a New Promise
shall unmistakably blossom.

— Sri Chinmoy


Listen to Sri Chinmoy reciting his New Year’s message...



Sri Chinmoy offers a concert for the New Year in New York on 3 November 2003. Sri Chinmoy begins the concert by singing one of his favourite songs – Ami Jabo. After thirteen different musical performances, Sri Chinmoy concludes by offering his New Year’s Message for 2004. Listen to the complete concert at Sri Chinmoy Radio...


NOVEMBER 3, 2003


On 11 November 2003, Sri Chinmoy composes the following song.


Happy New Year



Happy New Year, happy New Year,
Happy, happy, happy New Year!
My heart and I shall know
No, no, no, no, no tear.

Published in Enthusiasm, Part 8, song no. 99


On New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2003, Sri Chinmoy composed an English song to herald the New Year.


Smiling, the Breath of the New Year


Smiling, the breath of the New Year
Has just entered into my heart
And has given me three spiritual names:
Excitement, enlightenment and fulfilment.

Published in Enthusiasm, part 7, song no. 16