Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1993


Sri Chinmoy’s original handwriting


God is dreaming,
Newness singing,
Oneness blossoming,
Fulness dancing.

Hope no more gropes.
Life without slopes.
Splendid depths and heights
Transform bondage-nights.

— Sri Chinmoy



Sri Chinmoy offered his annual New Year’s meditation and Peace Concert on December 9, 1992, in Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center in New York, where he read out his message for the New Year.

Later in the month, he elaborated on the message, saying “God has taken many, many years to create ... this particular year.”

For centuries, he said, the mind-power has dominated, “but now the mind-power is surrendering to the heart-power” and “brightness and luminosity have already started blossoming.”

From now on, he continued, “we will only see the song and dance of the divine forces. The undivine forces are exhausted. They have already started surrendering to the divine forces and they are ready to abide by the will of the divine forces.” 1

Sri Chinmoy composed a special song for 1993 by setting music to the words of the New Year’s Message on December 6, 1992.



On December 4, 1992, Sri Chinmoy wrote a special Peace Song for 1993. Below is a copy of the words in Sri Chinmoy’s own handwriting and the score.



On January 1, 1993, Sri Chinmoy wrote the following Bengali song about the New Year.


Nabin Barashe Nabin Sapath Karechi Turiya


Bengali lyrics

Nabin barashe nabin sapath karechi

Turiya dhamer jatri hayite chalechi

Published in Gahite Chahi, song no. 17


A talk about the New Year 1993

On December 7, 1992, Sri Chinmoy gave a talk about the New Year’s Message to his students at Public School 86 in Jamaica, New York.

God is dreaming, and then comes newness singing. Now, I wish to say a few words about newness. I feel that your newness will save you from spiritual disaster and catastrophe. There are inner ways to feel newness, to have newness and to walk with newness. Again, on the outer plane, there are two ways to increase newness, to feel the beauty of newness and to smell the fragrance of newness.

First, no matter how many years you have been on the path, whether it is fifteen years or twenty-three years, from now on just forget about the years. You have to allow your sincerity to speak, once and for all. When you joined the path, how sincerely and soulfully, how self-givingly you joined! At that time, eagerness was your true name, self-offering was your true name. But now the story has changed, it seems, completely. Those true names you don’t have now. The names you have got now are false names. It is my ardent wish that all of you, without exception, should feel that you have just joined the path. Please feel that it is a matter of a week or two, not even a month that you have been with us. As for years, they are out of the question. If you can think and sincerely feel that you have joined the path very, very, very recently, then those sweet moments, divine moments and illumining inner cries will come back to the fore.

There is another way to feel newness. Every morning, as soon as you look at your eyes or your head or any part of your body, please try to see yourself as a flower, the flower that you love most. There are so many flowers on earth, and each individual, I am sure, has a special flower to appreciate. Each person will enjoy the beauty and fragrance of a particular flower. You know which flower you like best. Every morning, consciously make yourself feel and see that you are that very flower, the flower that you love most. As you know, a flower means beauty, purity and divinity. If you have beauty, if you have purity and if you have divinity, then you do not need anything else. The divine beauty, the divine purity and the divine divinity: these things are eternally new. So as soon as you think of yourself, please feel that you are the most beautiful flower, the flower that you cherish most.

Again, please, please forget consciously about the years of your spiritual existence. As soon as you think of your spiritual existence, you feel that you are carrying a heavy, heavy load, a dead elephant, and you can’t get rid of that elephant which you have placed on your head or shoulders. From now on please think of yourself as a deer. When you joined the path, you wanted to run faster than the fastest, each of you. Now tiredness has become your name, unwillingness has become your name, self-destruction has become your name. These names are undivine names that you are either consciously or unconsciously cherishing. In most cases, consciously you are cherishing them.

So, dear ones, if you really want to make progress faster than the fastest, then think that your spiritual life is only a few days old. If you do not have newness, you will not be able to make any progress. But if you can consciously make yourself feel that your spiritual life is only a few days old, then tremendous newness will enter into your body, vital, mind and heart. Inside this newness will be eagerness and willingness. Eagerness, enthusiasm and all the divine qualities that you have deep inside will definitely, definitely come to the fore when you have newness. As soon as you feel newness, you will see that the heavy load, the dead elephant that you have been carrying will not be able to remain on your head or shoulders. Then you will be able to run fast, very fast, like a deer.

As soon as you think of your existence on the path for five, ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty-five years, you feel that you have accomplished everything. Now, others will have to work and you can enjoy retirement, because you are spiritually old. Physically one can be old, which is so true — I am the radiant proof — but not spiritually. Spiritually I am not old. Spiritually nobody can be old. God Himself is not old. He has and He is spirituality itself and, at the same time, He is the eternal Child in Eternity’s Garden. So if our Creator is always young, how can we be otherwise? How can we be old? Please think of your spiritual life as something you have just begun. Because you have just begun, everything is sweet and beautiful, everything is welcoming you. It is like my song, “Dake amai dake”. Everything positive is calling you, beckoning you.

This New Year is such a beautiful, significant year. God has again given us, out of His infinite Bounty, a golden chance to think of ourselves in a new way, to think of Him in a new way and to give our very existence to Him again in a new way. You will see. Just forget about your so-called existence on the path for five, ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty-five years. Think that you have been here for only five days. Then immediately you will feel that you are a new pilgrim with a new dream. You have embarked on a new journey. The road that you are following is the right road and your destination is certain. So please forget about your mental oldness. Do not cherish your mind’s opinion of yourself. Do not believe your mind’s opinion of yourself. Only have faith in God’s faith in you. God has not yet completed His role in and through you. He will eternally play His role in and through you, for His Game in and through all of us is birthless and deathless. You cannot, as a matter of fact, terminate your game. But if you are unwilling to act in God’s way once you have accepted the spiritual life, it will be the most, most painful experience that you will give to yourself. The spiritual life is undoubtedly a one-way street, with no U-turn. You are sleeping and snoring, but I am saying no, again wake up! Run, run and run!

Dear ones, once more I am saying this, and please listen to me. Please think that you have just joined the path. Then, from your own heart, everything that is inspiring, aspiring, illumining and fulfilling will come to the fore. To your wide surprise, you will feel once more that your life has a very special purpose. Once more you will feel that you have a very special role to play in the Cosmic Game of our Lord Beloved Supreme.


1  Anahata Nada, Vol. 22, December 1992–March 1993