The way.

2 thousand years ago somebody proclaimed ‘I am the way and the goal.’ His revealed aspiration was the way. His manifested realisation was the goal. Humanity’s first and foremost achievement is the way. His first and foremost achievement is the goal. There is a way to shorten the way. There is a way to bring the goal close to the starting point. In order to shorten the way we must increase our receptivity. In order to bring the destiny near we must unconditionally surrender to God’s Will. How do we increase receptivity? We can increase receptivity through constant self-giving. How do you make our unconditional surrender? We make our unconditional surrender in .... our supreme



our supreme satisfaction and He ( ) supreme satisfaction. 


2. Truth is [the] eldest son in God’s family. Right after truth is peace. They are extremely fond of each other. They complement each other. T. offers its Transcendental head to peace so that it can see their father’s height. Peace offers its universal heart to Truth so that it can see their father’s limitless space. When the two sons offer their unique quality and capacity to each other God smiles and tells them without them his creation would collapse. He says to Truth: My earth needs you to proceed. He says to peace: My earth [needs you to] succeed. They said to their Father, true earth needs us to proceed and succeed but we ( ) anymore our



( ) to become and bec. We wish to receive your message to carry earth’s heart of suffering into the soul of heaven and heaven’s soul of delight into the heart of earth. Father says: so be it.



The life.

Life means responsibility. This is the human realisation. Life means opportunity. This is the divine realisation. An unaspiring person does not shoulder responsibility. He does not want to shoulder his one responsibility. A divine seeker feels if he can (perform?) his duty by fulfilling his ( ) responsibility



God will be happy with him. To please God in his own way he ( ) Each time he does his duty well he feels he is coming closer to God. R. and duty – these words annoy the unaspiring man. To an aspiring person responsibility is nothing but one’s conscious and dedicated service to God. What we want from life is ( ) dedication – a life of dedication can alone shorten the life of ( ). A life of dedication can teach us that one is for many, many are of one, unity and multiplicity — . . . . . . . . .




The above draft formed the basis of Sri Chinmoy’s lecture, entitled ‘The Way, the Truth, the Life’, which he delivered at the University of Glasgow in Scotland on 29 June 1974. The lecture was subsequently published in My Rose Petals, Part 3, by Agni Press in 1974.