Photo by Animesh Harrington


Sri Chinmoy performs 2,230 pushups in 59 minutes, 40 seconds in Kyoto, Japan.


Weightlifting Prayer

by Sri Chinmoy
at 5:31 a.m. in Qingdao, China, Seated double-dumbbell lift: 1,006 lbs

My Supreme,
My Supreme!

Every morning
A new divinity-sun rises
In my aspiration-heart-sky.

My Supreme,
My Supreme!

Published in My Morning Soul-Body Prayers, part 18


Race Prayer

by Sri Chinmoy
at the morning 2-mile race in Kijal, Malaysia

Today’s runners:
Brave you are,
Daring you are,
Weather-defying you are,
God-loving you are,
God-fulfilling you are.
Spirituality braves all obstacles
And then it receives
The Victory-Garland from God.

Published in My Race-Prayers, part 2