Sri Chinmoy offers two Peace Concerts (afternoon, an audience of 6,000, and evening, an audience of 7,000) at the Espace Balard in Paris, France. Listen to the full recording...


Sri Chinmoy playing harmonium and singing...


Sri Chinmoy’s address to the audience at the end of the second concert:

“This evening a French heart and an Indian heart have proved to each other that they delightfully, peacefully and inseparably belong to each other. France, I devotedly bow to you with my service-life. France, I soulfully bow to you with my gratitude-heart.”


Peace Concert Dedication

by Sri Chinmoy
a his concert held at the Miyazaki Ishi Kaikan (Doctors' Association Hall), Japan


Today’s Peace Concert I am most prayerfully and most soulfully dedicating to Mother Teresa, whose heart is all compassion, whose life is all sacrifice and whose soul is in universal bliss.

Published in Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower-Heart, Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul, part 3