AMERICUS, Georgia — Mrs. Lillian Carter met Sri Chinmoy and a group of his disciples Oct. 7, charming them with tales of her experiences in India and vignettes about what it’s like to be the President’s mother.

The Master, in turn, meditated with the 79-year-old “first Grand-mama” and sang her a song he had composed in her honour, which brought tears to her eyes.

Miss Lillian felt very much at home among the sari-clad women and white-trousered men. When Sri Chinmoy asked if they could meditate together, she quipped to the group. “He wants me to be quiet.”

Later she declared, “Mr. Chinmoy, you’ve never met anyone like me, have you?”

Toward the end of the interview, she said, “This is one of the greatest honours I’ve had.”

Later that evening, Miss Lillian attended a concert the Master and his disciples put on in a motel here.

Sri Chinmoy played the esraj and his disciples sang several Bengali and American Songs, including India’s National Anthem, "America the Beautiful,”  and songs dedicated to Miss Lillian and to her son, President Carter.

During picture taking at the end, she walked up to the Master and took his arm, saying, “I want my picture taken with you.”

As she departed, southern hospi­tality mingled with Indian spiritual­ity as she said, “Namaste, y’all.”


Sri Chinmoy meditates with Miss Lillian.

Published in Anahata Nada, November 1, 1977, Vol. 4, No. 10