Photos by Dhanu Alaimo


Sri Chinmoy offers the opening meditation at the International Friendship Run, sponsored by the New York Road Runners Club, the day before the New York City Marathon; and meets with Grete Waitz, former marathon world record holder, and Tegla Laroupe, the current record holder, on the North Lawn of the United Nations in New York.


Proud to be an American

by Sri Chinmoy


Many of you were there on Saturday morning  [November 4th] when I opened the “International Friendship Run” at the United Nations with a moment of silence. There were 12,000 runners! Before the ceremony, I was talking to the world record-holder in the marathon, Khalid Khannouchi. He and his wife, Sandra, came to Annam Brahma a few months ago and we sang a song in his honour. He is originally from Morocco. He was applying to become an American citizen.

This time he himself told me that he is so proud to be an American. We took a nice picture together. He is now also the American record-holder in the marathon.

Publsihed in Run and Become, Become and Run, part 21