Sri Chinmoy’s live radio interview

broadcast on WPFA-FM in San Francisco


Listen to Sri Chinmoy’s interview


This recording is an 18-minute excerpt from the one-hour interview with Sri Chinmoy, in which he also answers listeners’ questions.




SACRAMENTO — Sri Chinmoy officially opened the 1996 California State Championships of the Senior Games with a moment of silent meditation on May 31.

A choral group of 40 of his students also performed a special song their teacher had written for these games.

Sri Chinmoy participated in five events over that weekend — basketball free throw, softball throw, ergometer, 50 meters and 100 meters.

During his visit to Sacramento, he was awarded a medal for his service to world peace by the organizer of the California Senior Games, Pam Rhodes.


Doing the softball throw at the Senior Games

Published in Anahata Nada, Volume 25, April-July 1996