Sri Chinmoy honours Yiannis Korous by lifting him after he finished the Sri Chinmoy 1,000 Mile IAU World Championship Race in a new world record time of 10 days 10:30:35 at Flushing Meadows Park in New York.


Sri Chinmoy competes in three field events — 600-gm javelin (21.35m, 1-kg discus (19.78 m) and the 4-kg shot put (7.70m) at the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games held at Roy Wilkins Park in Jamaica, New York.


We are all Brothers

commmets by Sri Chinmoy
about the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games at the competition


This year I became a totally different person at our Masters Games. Previously, for various reasons, I did not go and shake hands with my old running friends or with the prominent athletes. This time I went up to so many and asked our photographers to take photos. As usual, my photographers were off duty.

During the day, I walked five laps on the track. While I was walking, a tall black man came up to me and said, "You are a celebrity. How can you mix with us?"

I said, "We are all brothers."

Then he looked at me with such joy and affection. I became very, very friendly to all the athletes.

I hope that at our Sports Day in August I can do a little running. Today what a struggle it was to do five laps walking!

It was a day of tremendous joy, success and achievement for all the athletes. They were so friendly and kind.

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