The First Performance of ‘Madal Circus’


THE MADAL CIRCUS — “Welcome to the world premiere of Madal Circus announced the bright programme of the May 28, 1972, performance of Sri Chinmoy’s “happiest show on earth.”

Held at Hillcrest High School gymnasium in Jamaica, the afternoon’s production was truly an unprecedented blend of the West’s outer dynamism and the East’s inner devotion and spirituality.

As part of the dynamic upswing battling the hostile forces of lethargy and depression in this turbulent year of destruction as well as perfection, members of Sri Chinmoy Centres from various parts of the world joined together for an inspiring and joyful weekend of sports, circus, a Columbia University public meditation, and family oneness.

Within a little more than a month’s time, the Madal Circus had grown from an informal evening’s discussion between Sri Chinmoy and disciples, through an intensive rehearsal schedule, into an impressive semi-professional troupe of spiritual brothers and sisters from Puerto Rico, Connecticut, and New Jersey, as well as New York.

Heralded by a drum roll and the energetic opening chords of the circus band, a ‘Grand Parade’ of all participants led the afternoon's performance. 

Cyclists, clowns, magicians; a lion, a bear, a gorilla, an elephant (the costumed varieties); jugglers, ballerinas, acrobats, and many more, marched, twirled, and danced, and a unique “greatest show on earth” had begun.

Following the performance, Sri Chinmoy meditated with the participants and the audience expressed his gratitude, and spoke of the aims of the circus:

“AUM ...

“O sweet children of the Supreme, you have honoured my nickname ‘Madal’, and in return l wish to honour you. I offer to each of you my heart's deepest love and my soul’s highest blessing ...

“Undoubtedly, Madal Circus will not offer us our highest realisation. It is our aspiration, our heart's mounting cry, that will offer realisation, but physical fitness, cheerful consciousness, and a disciplined life can without fail add to our aspiration. My joy knows no bounds today, for you have displayed something most significant, both in the inner world and in the outer world. 

“In the inner world, I have felt your total dedication; and in the outer world, the audience has seen and felt capacity, ability, coordination, and the astonishing result of a disciplined life.”

Adapted from the original report published in ‘Chinmoy Family’, Volume II, Number 2, Summer 1972




Brazil has become South America’s first Peace-Blossom-Nation.

The country’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, Rafael Greca de Maceda, declared Brazil a Peace-Blossom-Nation on May 28.

Other new Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom-Nations include Slovenia, on May 6 ... Jamaica, West Indies, on May 20 ... and Kyrgyzstan, on July 29.

Published in Anahata Nada, Volume 28, May-July 1999