Sri Chinmoy records a standing vertical jump of 35 inches at his home in Jamaica, New York.



Sri Chinmoy lifts 270 lbs. with both arms simultaneously, for a total of 540 lbs., in Jamaica, New York.


The First Time in My Career

by Sri Chinmoy


Today I lifted 270 pounds in each arm for the first time in my weightlifting career. The total is 540 pounds. I lifted it eight times and number six is the best. There the dumbbells travel so visibly. There is such dramatic movement. Number six gave me such satisfaction. I do hope Dhanu’s camera has caught it!

This 270 pounds I will do for three or four days and then I will try to go higher.

Published in A Mystic Journey in the Weightlifting World, part 3



Sri Chinmoy lifts 1,200 lbs., using a seated calf-raise machine, in Jamaica, New York.