Sri Chinmoy meets with the President of Hungary, Árpád Göncz, at the Hungarian Consulate in New York.


Letter of Welcome 

to Sri Chinmoy
from the Governor of the state of Washington Gary Locke


Dear Sri Chinmoy:

As Governor, and on behalf of the state of Washington, I am pleased to welcome you back to Seattle and the University of Washington as you present your global Peace Concert for the people of the Pacific Northwest.

This Peace Concert is a celebration of our existence and a promise of what tomorrow brings for our world. Your past, present and future are filled with your dream of peace. May your endless faith and enthusiasm continue to guide you to towards a day when your dream is realised.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring words and music with the people of our state. In addition to your accomplishments as a musician and poet, you are founder of the global Peace Run which came through our state in 1997 to spread a message of peace throughout our communities. It was an honour to receive the global Peace Run here, and I wish you continued success as you work to advance global peace and harmony in the 21st century. The hope and promise of the new millennium bring renewed confidence and enthusiasm for a united world and a shared understanding.

Best wishes for the future!


— Gary Locke — Governor

Published in Blessingful Invitations from the University-World