Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy meditates in the grounds of King’s College at the University of Cambridge in England. On the plinth beside him, is the bust of his revered spiritual master Sri Aurobindo, who once studied at this august college.


Visit to Sri Aurobindo’s room

by Sri Chinmoy


On June 27th, 2003 — nearly half a century later — I went to Cambridge to honour various professors with our ‘Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart Award’. One of my students made arrangements with the Provost for me to go and see Sri Aurobindo’s room after our ceremony was over. Dr. John Barber, a senior lecturer in politics, was the one who most kindly escorted me there.

There are actually two rooms where Sri Aurobindo lived from 1890-1892. The smaller of the two rooms was used as a study by Sri Aurobindo and some other students. The rooms are now occupied by an elderly gentleman, Dr. John Avery, who is retired. Formerly, he was a lecturer in Persian studies. He showed me everything with such love and respect. He made repeated requests for me to sit down, but how could I dare to sit down in the room where my Master had studied? I was trembling with delight inside that room. My eyes were flooded with tears and my heart was swimming in the sea of delight. My heart was literally throbbing. Out of reverence, I remained standing and meditated.

Afterwards, Dr. Avery thanked me for paying a visit to his room. I replied, “It is I who should be grateful to you. I am a humble disciple of Sri Aurobindo.”

I will cherish this most precious memory of my visit to Sri Aurobindo’s room until the end of my days. Fortunately, we were able to take many, many photographs, so perhaps I have been able to add something to Purani-ji’s immortal book.