‘Reflections’: A Radio Broadcast

with Sri Chinmoy
on Medway Radio, Chatham, Kent, England


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Published in My Rose Petals, part 7




Twice 68


Peacemaker and fitness enthusiast, 69-year-old Indian Sri Chinmoy, who has repeatedly stunned the world with his power, set a new world record for his age and weight a few days ago in New York. When pushing off the bench, he lifted two 68-pound dumbbells at the same time. Sri Chinmoy thus raised his own body weight and added an additional 59 kilograms to a total weight of 136 kilograms to “inspire people, especially those over the age of 50 years, that age is not a barrier.”

The spiritual leader, who is also a writer, musician, painter, a worker for world peace and the initiator of sporting events in many countries, persevered to lift the weights 20 centimetres high in seven seconds. 

Pushing from the bench with two dumbbells is considered much harder than pushing a single heavier weight, because lifting with two arms separately requires much more power, control and balance. Before the successful achievement, Sri Chinmoy said, “My physical strength comes from the unconditional blessing of God.”

Then he explained, “I am a man of prayer and a disciple of peace. I feel that physical and spiritual strength need to go together. I am 69 years old. I try to inspire people who have given up their hopes. My colleagues, over the age of 60, may not have new inspiration, new aspiration, new hope. They have a feeling that their lives are coming to an end. My prayer to God is to give every human being new inspiration to become a world-elevating citizen.”


The older he is, the stronger he is.

Published in Slovenske Novice (Slovenian News), page 8, Tuesday, 20 June 2000