Twenty-seven free concerts — plus one for good measure — were given by Sri Chinmoy and his students last month in the New York metropolitan area and Washington, D.C.

The concerts went beyond the normal fare to include dramatic performances, short talks and demonstrations of marching, as well as instrumental and vocal renditions of Sri Chinmoy’s music and solos by the Master on the esraj, flute, violin and cello.

They were performed in churches, schools, universities and outdoor parks in various locales ranging from Harlem to Westchester, from the resort town of Asbury Park, N.J. to the exclusive Connecticut suburb of Westport.

“This accomplishment is something most significant,” Sri Chinmoy declared at the end of the final concert the night of July 31, at New York University. “And at the same time, it is only the beginning, the very beginning. Far we shall go, farther than the farthest. High we shall fly, higher than the highest. Deep we shall dive, deeper than the deepest.

“The physical consciousness of America may not know what we have done but the soul of America knows and the soul of America is blessing us with its pride divine, gratitude divine.

Then the Master gave out as prasad bags of 27 food items and giant cookies. There were also two six-foot-long hero sandwiches resembling esrajs, and other delicacies.

Published in Anahata Nada, August 1, 1977, Vol. 4, No. 7