Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy lifts Sudhahota Carl Lewis, 9-time Olympic gold medallist, and 18 other champion runners and athletes who had participated in the New York Games, at a special programme called ‘The Morning of Champion-Hearts Supreme’ held at Aspiration-Ground in Jamaica, New York.


Sudhahota’s remarks:

This is a very special time for me. Although a lot of people may not know it, I’ve known Sri Chinmoy for the better part of six years. Just about everyone here is a good friend of mine. I’ve known them for years. This is almost like home to me. Every time I’m in the area, I visit Sri Chinmoy. And he and many of his disciples actually came to the 1984 and 1988 Olympics to see me. So I feel like this is always family here. To have some of the other athletes witness this and share in this experience is a special thing for me.

I don’t know if everyone recognised the song that they sang [‘Sudhahota’], but Sudhahota is actually my spiritual name, and that’s how I’m known around here. I’m glad that some of the other athletes were able to meet Sri Chinmoy, because he’s an inspiration to all of us. He continues to help us to aspire and to be very positive, and also to meditate and find our inner peace. That’s what’s very important, for it’s something that we can transmit to everybody. It goes beyond the boundaries of sports.

Everyone here is very special to me spiritually. So I just hope we have more and more family members, and that Sri Chinmoy can continue to inspire you the way he does me.