SAN JUAN — The first Sri Chinmoy Centre, opened here in 1966, celebrated its 15th anniversary on 22 July.

Sri Chinmoy came to Puerto Rico that week to commemorate the event with a series of public concerts and meditations. There was also a 13-mile Sri Chinmoy race on 20 July.

San Juan officials, in turn, honoured the Master with a Mayoral proclamation saluting the Centre’s 15 years of service to the city.

Two of the concerts were held in San Juan — one on 20 July in El Capitolio, the capital building, and one on 22 July in the Bellas Artes Center. A third was held at the other end of the island, in Ponce, on 23 July in the Museo de Arte.

Published Anahata Nada, Volume 7, Nos. 6-7, June-July 1981