Everest-Aspiration Talks

by Sri Chinmoy

It Is Never Too Late

6:15 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

It is never too late for me to become a good instrument of God.

It is never too late for me to pray to God and to meditate on God in the small hours of the morning.

It is never too late for me to serve my Beloved Supreme inside my brothers and sisters — mankind.

It is never too late for me to love my sisters and brothers — humanity — inside my Beloved Supreme.

It is never too late for me to tell my sweet Lord that I am only for Him. Him to see face to face, Him to love, serve and fulfil, for this I saw the light of day.

It is never too late for me to learn what I truly am in the inner world and to unlearn what I truly am not in the outer world.

Finally, it is never too late for me not only to have a heart-to-heart talk with my Inner Pilot, but also to grow into His very image. I know that my Lord Supreme will be pleased with me totally only when I become like Him, another God, for what He wants from me is an equal share. He wants me to be His compatriot and not His slave.

Yes, there is one thing which it is too late for, and because I am too late for that, I am infinitely grateful to my Beloved Supreme. And what is that thing? It is my desire-life. It is too late for me to go back to my desire-life. Something more which is also true: I shall never be able to go back to the animal kingdom, never!

God Has Made This World Round

6:20 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

God has made this world round. Do you know why? Perhaps you do know. As a matter of fact, everybody will be able to supply an answer according to his and her inner light and outer perspective. According to my inner awareness, I wish to say that God has made this world round so that we all can sit around Him in a circle, and nobody’s view will be obstructed by others. If some people obstruct our view, then naturally we shall feel sad and miserable. Therefore, God, the Author of all Good, has made our world round so that we can see Him easily and directly; and if we want to, which we should, we must look at Him devotedly and soulfully.

In order to be a member of God’s ring, we have to remain inside our hearts. How do we remain inside our hearts? There are many ways, but the easiest and most effective way is to feel that the ring that God has created for us is not only our saviour-ring but also our brother-ring and sister-ring. If we consider the ring, the round world of ours, as a foreign element or an obstruction and barrier, if we feel that we have to go beyond the ring and, in order to do so, break asunder the ring, then we shall be committing an Himalayan blunder. No, that ring is our oneness-ring from where we can see our Beloved Supreme all at once, according to our heart’s receptivity and our soul’s luminosity and our life’s selfless creativity.

Am I A Giver?

6:35 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

Am I a giver? Yes I am. Am I a cheerful and soulful giver? No, unfortunately I am not. That means I am offering not only my rose but also many, many thorns along with it.

Am I a giver? Yes I am. Am I a cheerful and soulful giver? No, unfortunately I am not. That means I am offering not only my hope-world but also my frustration-world along with it.

Am I a giver? Yes I am. Am I a cheerful and soulful giver? No, unfortunately I am not. That means I am offering not only my aspiration-free world but also my desire-bound world to all those who are around me.

How can I become a cheerful and soulful giver in order to liberate myself and liberate others? I can become a cheerful and soulful giver provided I can feel that a giver is he who is also a receiver. The greater a giver he is, the better a receiver he becomes. He gives because he feels that that is the only way to please the real in him, the soul. The real giver gives to the world his soul’s all-illumining beauty cheerfully and soulfully, and never, never does he give his body’s ugliness-dream.

Is It My Fate?

6:45 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

“My Lord Supreme, is it my fate that I shall have no short-cut to my satisfaction-goal? Everybody knows that there is a short-cut to the goal, but in my case I have not yet discovered that short-cut. You want me to love the world, You want me to serve the world because inside the world is Your own Reality-existence. But this world of Yours was not ready, is not ready and perhaps will never be ready for any chosen instruments, supremely chosen instruments, to awaken the slumbering human life. No! No spiritual figure has ever succeeded according to Your inner Volition. Perhaps You expected, expect and will always expect more than the sleeping world can offer to You, to Your direct emissaries. My Lord Supreme, do tell me what was the main obstacle and what is the main obstacle for my brother-sister friends who came into the earth arena to change the face of the world radically as I am also trying to do?”

“Only one obstacle you have, only one obstacle they had, and this obstacle is, and has always been, insurmountable. Do you know what that obstacle is? Disobedience, which grows into world-defiance. The seed of this disobedience is lack of oneness-heart. My son, unfortunately there is no short-cut for you, for you have become inseparably one with Me. God-realised souls have no short-cuts, for they have accepted My burden as their own burden. This world denies and defies all short-cuts, but you and I and others who are in the same boat have to make friends with our Eternity’s patience.”

What Am I Doing?

8:10 a.m
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

What am I doing? Am I loving God the man? No. Am I serving man the God? No.

What am I doing? Am I crying for a better world? No. Am I thinking of transforming my outer life? No. Am I contemplating fulfilling my inner life? No.

What am I doing? Am I desiring a world-destruction? No. Am I desiring to start a new life, so I can play once more like a child — carefree, with no mind, no thought, no doubt, no suspicion, no fear, no anxiety? Those golden days of my childhood am I longing for? No, no.

What am I doing? Am I showing my excessive attachment for Heavenly bliss, for the cosmic gods and goddesses? No, no. Am I showing a bitter, disgusted repulsion for the world, for this uncomely, unaspiring world? No, no.

What am I doing, then? I am just sailing my hope-boat towards a shore. Perhaps it is an uncertainty-shore and perhaps it is a dream-blossomed shore; but I do not know and I do not want to know, either. If I know that it is an uncertainty-shore, then I shall be doomed to destruction-frustration, and if I know that it is a dream-blossomed shore, then shameless complacency-relaxation will percolate through my entire being and dominate my earthly existence. Therefore, I leave my fate entirely at the Feet of my fate-maker, my Beloved Supreme.

Without Man and Without God

8:15 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

Without man can I do anything? Yes, I can. Without man I can do many, many, many things, if not each and every thing. If I pray to God to grant me the capacity to do everything without man’s help, humanity’s help, I am sure He will grant me the boon.

Without man I do so many things precisely because my Almighty Father, My Beloved Supreme, has given me the capacity. I look at my powerful brother, the sun, without man. I look at my beautiful sister, the moon, without man. I look at my sweet children, the stars, without man. I look and look at my Father, God, without man. I look at my Mother, God, without man.

But can I do anything without God? No, impossible! Why? I cannot do anything without God because I cannot live without God. How is it that I cannot live without God? Is it because He is all Kindness, all Love? No, no! Is it because He is all Concern, all Compassion? No, no! Is it because He is all-where? No, no! Is it because He is my essence and my substance? No, no!

Then why is it that I cannot live without God? I cannot live without God precisely because I cannot live without that which I have and that which I am. Can you live without what you have and what you are? Impossible! If you have light, you live in light and you are that light Itself. And if you have God within you, then you not only possess God but you are that very God. It is like a deer that has fragrance, musk. When the deer develops musk, the deer and the musk are inseparable. When the flower has fragrance, the flower and the fragrance are inseparable. Similarly, God the Beauty that is within me and God the possessor of the Beauty are inseparable. Therefore, I cannot live without God, for He is what I am and what I have. You too cannot live without what you have and what you are. What you have and what you are will always be the same Reality-Existence: God. Therefore, you and I cannot live without God, not to speak of doing anything without God.

My Heart-to-Heart Talk

8:20 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

“O man, let Me have a heart-to-heart talk with you. Man, I love you and I serve you. But you do not believe in My Love, you do not believe in My Service. To My sorrow you suspect Me. To My sorrow you feel that My Love is binding you, binding you to the earth-bound reality. You feel that My Love has enchained you, entangled you, encaged you. You want to be a free bird, a free reality-existence, but you feel that My Love for you is binding you in every possible way. This is the realisation you have come to, man.

“I am having a heart-to-heart talk with you, so I wish to tell you that in no way am I binding you. I am only helping you, with My Love and with My Service, to become one with Vastness, one with Immensity, one with God’s Eternity, Infinity and Immortality, one with Oneness-Delight itself. This heart-to-heart talk of Mine, man, one day you will believe. One day you will have faith in My soulful Message, My Life’s breathless Message, that I have just offered to you.”

“O Lord, let me have a heart-to-heart talk with you. O Lord Supreme, I do not love You, I do not serve You, in spite of the fact that at times I am fully determined to love You and serve You conditionally, even if it is not within my capacity to love You unconditionally. But alas, I fail to love You even conditionally; I fail to serve You even conditionally. My Lord Supreme, is it because I love mankind more than I love You? Is that why real love does not come from me towards You? Is it because You are not to be loved the way I want to love You, with all my earthly needs and Heavenly needs, with all that I think of as my needs? Is it because I am self-sufficient without You? To be without man is not an impossibility; but to be without You is impossibility itself. But is it because to some extent I can live without You? When I live in my ignorance-night, I do not live in You or for You. Or is it because my pride, my disproportionate pride, finds it beneath its dignity to live with You inside mankind? Is it because of all this that I am separated from You and find it impossible to offer true love to You? My Lord, will I ever be able to love You devotedly, will I ever be able to serve You soulfully, will I ever be able to claim You as my own, very own, founded on the inner conviction that You are mine and I am Yours? Will I ever be able to serve You and love You to my heart’s content?”

“My child, what do you want? Do you want to love Me or do you want to prove to Me that you love Me? There is a great difference between your love for Me and your demonstration of love. Your love of Me and your wish to demonstrate your love for Me are two different things. You do not have to demonstrate your love to Me as long as you have the inner cry to love Me. This inner cry is not theoretical, but practicality itself. It is the height of practicality. I am the eternal Lover and you are My mirror, so you have to know that when I look at you I see My own reflection. Remain My mirror and My Love of you will be your love for Me, for I see Myself alone here on earth and there in Heaven. I do not see anything as something other than Myself. I do not see anybody as someone else. I see only Myself, My larger Self, My universal Self, through you, My mirror. Through you I see Myself, My own reflection. Therefore, you do not have to prove your love for Me. Just maintain your inner cry to love Me devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally. This inner cry is not only My divine Will in you, but it is also My supreme execution of My divine Will in and through you. I love My creation. Therefore, I live in My creation. If it just cries to love Me, that is more than enough. I need no other proof. That is proof itself: the cry, the cry, the soulful cry, only for Me, only for Me.”

Never Make an Outer Promise

8:30 a.m.
Jamaica High School Track,
Jamaica, New York

My brother Chitta used to tell me, “Never, never make an outer promise. Only promise to yourself inwardly what you want to do in your life and with others’ lives. The moment you outwardly tell the world what you are going to do, or what you expect others to do for you, for others, or for themselves, the hostile forces will invariably attack you directly. Then other undivine forces will try to enter into you: humanity’s jealousy, humanity’s insecurity, humanity’s doubt and many wrong forces.

“When your promise is in the inner world, the undivine forces remain dormant. They think that it is just wishful thinking. When you are talking to yourself inwardly, they think it is not really a promise. But when you open your mouth for the public to hear, for humanity to hear, then you are exposed. At every moment your inner will has to come forward to fulfil your promise; otherwise, if you are unable to fulfil your promise, you will be assailed by self-doubt and self-mockery. The world does not have to mock at you. You yourself, your own sincerity, will mock at you. So it is better to keep your promise inside your heart: not to deliver it from your tongue and not to keep it even on the tip of your tongue.”

Here I am not listening to my brother; I am not doing the right thing. All the time I am making outer promises: I will write so many songs, I will paint so many pictures, I will do this, that. But in my case, I am a spoilt child in the family. I do exactly the opposite of what they ask me to do. Therefore, I am paying the penalty very nicely with my disciples. And I am not only the spoilt child in my family, I not only exploited my family’s affection and love, but I also exploit the Love, Affection, Blessing and Compassion of my Beloved Supreme every day, every hour, every minute, every second. I always feel that if something comes out of my mouth, then He will be there to keep my promise, justify my promise. This is my inner conviction. I know I was nothing, I am nothing, I will remain nothing in humanity’s eye. But in my Father’s Eye, in my Father’s Heart, I am everything, for I love Him, I need Him only, only, only.


12:15 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

“My Lord Supreme, do You approve of my struggle-life? Do You approve of the progress that I make through struggle? I feel that I make progress only when I have struggles; only when I have to surmount obstacles do I feel that I make progress.”

“My child, you are totally mistaken. The spiritual life, the real life, does not need struggle at all. There are two kinds of struggles that originate either from inside your existence or from outside your existence. Inside you are fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, suspicion, insecurity, impurity and many wrong forces. These wrong forces at times run riot. Again, these wrong forces are also to be found outside your body-reality, outside your own existence-reality, and they come to attack you. When you bring to the fore your own wrong forces, when these forces from within come to the fore, your struggle starts. Again, when the forces from outside attack you, your struggle starts. So what you have to do is to illumine the wrong forces that are within you so that they can become positive forces. And the forces that are attacking you from outside have to be challenged, fought and conquered.

“You are saying that you make progress only when you have struggles to face. You may think that the life of struggle is an opportunity to make progress. But there may be some other factors which you do not at all see. A life of struggle can easily become a life of revolt. You struggle to receive something, to fulfil your desire; but there comes a time when you see that there is no hope of fulfilling your desire-life. Then you just give up because you are frustrated, and from frustration comes revolt. You pray so hard, you meditate so hard, you do so many things to please Me, but because I do not fulfil your desire, you feel that I am not pleased. Then what do you do? You give up. Something more you do. You become frustrated and you may revolt against My Existence. Then you will stop praying and meditating and not try to keep consciously any connection with Me.”

So I always tell the disciples to be careful. A life of struggle does not indicate a life of progress. There are many forces around you, many obstacles around you, which are unwanted and uncalled for. So do not bring to the fore your own wrong forces, which take the form of struggle. No, no, that is the wrong way. Do not add more unlit forces and create more problems for yourself. No, no, just have a childlike attitude. Be spontaneous, be happy. A child does not create problems so that he can get a smile from his parents. He is spontaneously doing everything, and from his spontaneous action he is making his parents happy. The Creator and the creation are also like that. When the creation offers a smile to the Creator, at that time the Creator is immediately fed and nourished. He feels that He has got everything.

When the child smiles, even if it is just a tiny smile, the mother feels that she has got the entire world. Similarly, when the mother smiles or the father smiles, the child feels that he has got the entire world. The mother is a beggar and the child is also a beggar. Here also, God the Creator and God the creation are equally beggars. Or you can say that they can become complete, integral and whole only when they exchange their mutual smiles.

As seekers you have to offer your smile through spontaneous action, for spontaneous action itself is the smile. So only grow in that smile. Act like a child: be spontaneous in everything that you do and say. Inside that spontaneity you will see your smile, and inside the smile you will see your spontaneity. Your smile and God’s Smile are keeping each other alive. And they will do so throughout Eternity. What God and men need from each other is a soulful smile, a fruitful smile. Inside that tiny seed of a smile the entire cosmic Life-Tree exists. So do not try to build your life through struggle. That is the wrong way. Do not follow the way of struggle: follow only the way of spontaneity, the way of spontaneous smile, which is the only nourishment, the only fulfilment for God and man.

Special Messages

12:30 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Our Beloved Lord Supreme has a special message for you today. He will grant you and your mind, peace. From today you will have peace of mind.

Our Beloved Supreme has a special message for him. Today, our Beloved Supreme will grant him and his heart love. His heart will be inundated with love.

Our Beloved Supreme has a special message for me. He will grant me and my life a continuous flow of assurance: that I am of Him and I am for Him.

Do you have any special message for our Beloved Supreme? Does he have any special message for our Beloved Supreme? Do I have any special message for our Beloved Supreme?

Do you have any special message for the Supreme? Your silence tells me that you do not have any special message for the Supreme, but I wish to tell you that you do have a special message. You means your soul; your soul is now speaking through me. The message that your soul, the real in you, has for the Supreme is this: “From now on, you will sail in His Boat cheerfully and unreservedly.”

Does he have a special message for the Supreme today? His silence indicates that he has no special message for the Supreme today, but I wish to tell him that he does have a special message although he is not aware of it. His soul, which is the real in him, has a special message for the Supreme, and this message of his soul I am executing through his outer mind. The special message that he and his soul have for the Supreme is this: “From now on he will become consciously, soulfully and unconditionally a pure and sure instrument of the Beloved Supreme.” This is his promise to our Beloved Supreme.

Do I have a special message for the Supreme? I do have a special message for the Supreme; I am fully aware of my own special message: “I want to live only for Him. When death is necessary, I want to die only for Him. But I know in the inmost recesses of my heart that my Lord is Infinity’s Life, Immortality’s Life, Eternity’s Life. If I fulfil Him in His own Way, then I will enter into the infinite, eternal, immortal Life. Then there can be no death for me, no death in my sight.” This is the special message that I want to offer to my Beloved Supreme: that I live only for Him and I shall die only for Him.

Each special message is the harbinger of the new dawn, a new revelation, a new fulfilment. Each special message is nothing short of a soulful and fruitful message. Each message begins a new life of self-recovery from the ignorance-world. Each new message is a self-discovery in the world of self-awareness. Each new message is a process of self-offering which eventually excels and transcends our highest imagination; each new message is our transformation into God’s very image.

We are pleased with God when God offers us a special message. In God’s case, He is not only pleased with us when we offer Him a special message, but also He is proud of us for He feels that our message is not only a message but also a promise. It is not only a promise but also the harbinger of a new dawn. It is not only the harbinger of a new dawn but also an all-fulfilling satisfaction.


12:40 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Transformation is a house. It becomes a home only when there is peace, joy, harmony and love. Before that, the house is there — an amalgam of bricks, sand, wood and other material objects; but these things are useless and meaningless unless there is peace, love, joy and oneness inside the house. When these qualities or these capacities are visible, then the house becomes a home.

Human life is totally meaningless unless there is love in it. It is a life, a creation of God, but this creation of God is of no avail unless and until there is love in it. When love fills life, then only life is meaningful and fruitful. The transformation of house into home is what we need, the transformation of life into love is what we need.

The human mind we consider as the highest achievement on earth. But this mind is of no avail unless and until vastness becomes its other name. Unless and until the mind becomes synonymous with vastness, the mind is of no use. The mind always tries to maintain its superiority. It finds faults with others and suspects others. It gets pleasure only in exercising its individuality. Who needs that mind? But when vastness enters into the mind, the mind is illumined and fulfilled.

The creation as such we do not need, for it is helpless, hopeless, useless. But when we see God inside the creation, what we see is not helplessness but hope. What we see is not uselessness but usefulness. What we see is not mere promise but a faultless assurance of the fulfilment of that promise. So inside the creation, if we can see the Creator, then only is the creation meaningful and fruitful. Otherwise, earthly creation is of no avail.

A life of aspiration, a life of dedication, a life of concentration, meditation and contemplation cannot lead us far, very far unless it can make us feel that we came into the world only to please God and serve God in His own Way. Otherwise, we will have aspiration, we will have dedication, we will have concentration-power, meditation-power and contemplation-power, and these things will undoubtedly take us to a destination. But this destination need not be and cannot be the real destination which our God has kept for us. Inside each prayer, inside each concentration, meditation and contemplation there has to be a remembrance of our promise to God, that Him to please in His own Way we came into the world. Each time we pray, each time we meditate, each time we contemplate, each time we do anything, if there is no remembrance of our promise to God and if there is no self-assurance that we can keep this promise, then it is useless. No matter how many hours we pray, no matter how many hours we concentrate and meditate, everything will eventually end in bitter frustration. The results we shall get without fail from our prayer, concentration, meditation and contemplation, but these results will be far from our satisfaction.

We have set up a goal according to our own inner perception, and this goal we will reach. But just because we have set our goal according to our own inner image, we will not be satisfied; we will be frustrated. But at every moment when we pray, when we concentrate, when we meditate, when we contemplate, if we can keep in the forefront our soulful promise to our Beloved Supreme, and if we can keep our inner assurance, then we can and will fulfil this promise — that Him to please in His own Way, we saw the light of day. Then only will our prayer, concentration, meditation and contemplation have true value, true meaning, true fulfilment. Life has to become love. Mind has to become vastness. Creation has to become God. Prayer and meditation have to embody self-assurance and remembrance of our promise to God. Then only satisfaction, complete satisfaction, everlasting satisfaction, will dawn.

Why Do I Not Share?

12:50 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Do I share my inspiration with you? No. Do I share my aspiration with you? No. Do I share my dedication with you? No. Do I share my experiences with you? No. Why do I not share my inspiration, aspiration, dedication and experiences with you? The reason is very simple. I feel that if I share these things with you, then I shall not remain unique. You will have the same things that I have, and my supremacy will go away. Even if you get the things that I have in a tiny, small measure, you will be able to claim that you, too, have the same as I. Then it is only a matter of time before you get the same amount as I have or far surpass me. So I am afraid of you. I am insecure, and I become jealous of you. Therefore, I do not want to share with you. My satisfaction will come to an end the moment I share anything with you, for then you and I will be on the same footing, which I don’t want. I want to be at least an inch above you so that I can lord it over you. Alas, alas, this is the realisation I have come to.

When I dive deep within I see my eternal Friend, my only Friend, my Eternity’s Friend, my Beloved Supreme. I see Him all the time sharing with me, with the rest of the world, with His entire creation. His inspiration, His aspiration, His dedication, His experience — everything that He has and everything that He is He shares with me and with all. Why? Why is He not afraid of losing His Supremacy, His Individuality, His Personality, His Lordship? If He grants me, grants us, what He has, if He grants even a portion of it, will it not make Him a lesser reality, will it not make Him incomplete?

My Lord Supreme tells me that I am a stark fool. When He gives me something, He does not lose. On the contrary, He increases. His offering of inspiration, aspiration, dedication and experience is like a flow of a river. When a river flows, meandering, it does not lose. Only it covers more territory, more land. His inspiration, aspiration, dedication, experience — everything that He has He carries with Him. He does not separate these things from His Existence. He carries, carries it all to us. From me it goes to you, from you it goes to somebody else. So His experiences, His achievements, His attributes, His possessions He never loses. On the contrary, He only distributes them here, there, elsewhere. He wants them to be spread all over, for He knows that the entire creation belongs to Him.

My uniqueness I want to show to the world with my sense of separativity. I exist for myself and I want to tell and show the world that I am one symbol, that nobody else is my carbon copy. At the same time, I do not want to be the carbon copy of anybody else. No, I want to be unique in my own way. Nobody will equal me, nobody will have the same shape, same pattern, same mould, same existence-reality as I have or I am. This is how I think of my uniqueness.

But my Lord Supreme has a different way of looking at His Uniqueness. He feels that His Uniqueness is expressed only when He sees His achievements and possessions here, there, everywhere. By making everyone His own, very own, by feeling that everyone is His and that He belongs to everyone, by feeling that He is for them and they are for Him, He feels His own Uniqueness in each. My uniqueness I want to establish with a sense of separativity. His Uniqueness He wants to establish with a sense of multiplicity. His entire Vision-Light He wants to dedicate to His creation, for He feels that only the acceptance of His Light by the creation can make Him universally lovable, universally fulfilling and fulfilled. Therefore, he wants this kind of uniqueness: the One with the many, the One with all, a oneness-song with a oneness-reality. At every moment He wants oneness-creation. The Oneness-Creator wants to sing His oneness-song with His oneness-creation, for He feels that this is the only way His Uniqueness can be manifested throughout the length and the breadth of the world.


1:00 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

We substitute quite often, but God does not need any substitute. When we play a game, if a member of our team is injured, immediately we get a substitute. For everything that we do on earth, we are apt to have a substitute, if necessity demands. But in God’s case, He does not need a substitute. On His team, He never wants a substitute. Why, why?

God wants you to be on His team and occupy a special place, a special post. He wants you to be at a particular place, to do a particular thing in His cosmic Game. He wants you to play at a particular game at a particular place. You may say that today you are sick, today you are not in a cheerful frame of mind, today you are disturbed, today lethargy is disturbing you; you may have millions of reasons why you want to take rest and get a substitute.

But God will say, “You want a proper substitute, but do you not realise that each and everyone has been designated a post, a career. In My cosmic Game I want you to play a special game and occupy a special role. Now, if you want to offer Me a substitute, that particular substitute will be out of place: he will have his own part to play. If I ask you in the cosmic football game to play centre forward, and if I ask a friend of yours to play right wing, just because you are not in a cheerful frame of mind, just because you are disturbed, just because you are angry with Me, just because something is wrong with you, if you want somebody else to replace you, do you not think that that particular person will not have his own post? If he plays your part, then his part will not be executed by him or by anybody. If you constantly send in a substitute, if the whole world wants to send in substitutes, then how can all the parts, how can all the careers that have to be fulfilled in My creation be fulfilled?

“On My Cosmic team I shall never accept a substitute for you. You have to play your part, he has to play his part. If I take him away to play your part, his part will remain empty. No, everybody has to play his own part; then only we can fight against ignorance. If each one is at his proper place, if each one is playing untiringly, soulfully and unconditionally to please Me, then only can I fight against ignorance. Then only in the tug-of-war between the undivine and the divine, between ignorance-existence and wisdom-light, will we win. Never will I accept a substitute. To accept a substitute is to weaken the team. If we replace a particular player, then who is going to fill the place that remains empty?”

So there can be no substitutes on God’s team. You play your role, let him play his role and let me play my role. Then only our Pilot Supreme, our Captain Supreme, is bound to win the victory. And this victory is for whom? Not only for Him, but for us as well; for we are one, eternally one. Father and children are eternally one, Mother and children are eternally one. So there can be no substitutes in God’s Cosmic Game.


1:15 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

We are always apt to say that it is not too late to do anything, but do we ever say that it is not too early to do anything? It is not too early to do anything in life. It is not too early to pray in the small hours of the morning. It is not too early to realise God. It is not too early to reveal God. It is not too early to manifest God. The sooner we realise God, the sooner we reveal God, the sooner we manifest God, the sooner we will start with a new beginning, aiming at a higher, more illumining, more fulfilling goal.

In the spiritual life there is no such thing as early. This moment, the eternal Now, is the only saviour, only liberator, only fulfiller. To get up early in the morning, at three o’clock, to meditate is a difficult task. But if you say it is too early, then I will say you are mistaken. You are mistaken because what you call early or late is decided by your mind. It is the discovery of your mind that three o’clock is early, six o’clock is late. It is the mind that tells you three o’clock is too early, eight o’clock is too late. If you go beyond the mind, there is no such thing as an early hour or late hour. There is only one hour, that is God’s Hour. And where is God’s Hour? It is inside the Now. What is the Now? The Now is God the Preparation, God the Aspiration, God the Evolution and God the ever-transcending Perfection.

I Kept Praying

1:30 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Many, many years ago I started praying. One day God, my Beloved Supreme, came up to me and said, “I am satisfied with you, My son. I am granting you Peace.”

I kept praying. A few years later He came to me and said, “I am pleased with you, My son. I am granting you Light.”

I kept praying. A few years later my Lord Supreme came again. He said, “I am pleased with you, My son. I am giving you Delight, Nectar-Delight.”

I kept praying and a few years later He came and said, “Son, I have given you Peace, I have given you Light, I have given you Delight. What more do you want? Is there anything else that you want? Is there anything else that you need? If one has Peace, Light and Delight, one has everything. Inside Peace, Light and Delight is world-power, world-satisfaction, world-oneness, world-fulfilment.” I remained silent, and I kept on praying. My Lord left in silence, granting me a sweet little smile.

A few years later He came and said to me, “I see what you want. You want to become like Me, another God. Look, in the twinkling of an eye I am making you into another God. Are you satisfied?” I kept silent; I kept praying, praying.

He said, “I have made you like Me, another God. Even then you have to pray? What else do you need? Peace, Light, Delight, oneness, equality — everything I have given you. What more do you need? What more?” I remained silent. I kept praying.

My Lord said, “I know what you want. You want to play hide-and-seek with Me. You want to play the game of divine Lover and supreme Beloved with Me. This is what you want. I grant you this boon.” I gave my Lord a soulful smile and He granted me His all-loving, all-energising and all-fulfilling Embrace.


5:00 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Yesterday I saw you. Today I am seeing you for the second time. That means you are no longer new to me, no longer a stranger to me. You have become an old friend of mine; you and I have become old friends. Your age has increased and mine has too. You have aged and I also have aged.

Yesterday I saw something for the first time. Today I am seeing it for the second time. That means that thing has become old. Yesterday I felt something for the first time; today I am feeling the same thing. Yesterday I ate something; today I am eating the same thing. That means my food has become old. It is no longer a new experience.

Anything that I see for the second time, anything that I do for the second time, anything that I feel for the second time is automatically aged. Age has descended upon him or upon it.

Similarly that very thing, that very person, will feel the same about me — that I have become old. Is there anything that can never be old? Yes, there is something and that thing is my heart’s inner cry. This inner cry is ever new. Every day it assumes a new prayer-form, a new concentration-form, a new meditation-form. Every day it achieves something new from God. You may say that every day you can pray, but how can your prayer or meditation be new? But I wish to say that it is not only possible and practical, but inevitable.

You may think Peace, Light, Bliss, Power and a few other attributes of God are enough for you. But I wish to say it is not true. God is infinite, and His attributes are infinite. So easily you can have an infinite variety of prayer, concentration and meditation. Each prayer can easily be new. Each concentration can easily be new. Each meditation can easily be new.

Prayer defies age. Concentration defies age. Meditation defies age. Our inner cry is the mother and father of our prayer, concentration and meditation. So let us make friends with this inner cry. Let our body, vital, mind and heart make friends with this inner cry. With inner cry our entire existence, outer and inner, will become an ever new existence-reality, an ever new, ever fulfilling Dream of God in and through us.

Why Are You In A Hurry?

5:10 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Why are you in a hurry? Do you think that your aspiration-train, which is bound for satisfaction-goal, is leaving soon and that your body, vital, mind and heart are not ready, that only the soul is ready? Is that why you are in a tearing hurry?

Why are you in a hurry? Do you think that God’s Hour already struck while you were fast asleep? Is that why are you sad, embarrassed and fearful? Is that why you are in a tearing hurry to pray and meditate and thus see the Face of God?

Why are you in a hurry? Do you think that your promise to God has not been fulfilled? Do you think that the time has passed and your promise remains unfulfilled? Do you feel sad and miserable that you are not a man of truth? Do you feel you are not a true devoted and soulful instrument of God? Is that why you are in a hurry to meditate, to dive within to do the needful sooner than at once?

Why are you in a hurry? Is it because you desperately need a fruitful smile from your Beloved Supreme in response to your soulful cry? This soulful smile can alone give your life its life-breath; your heart its nourishment-love; your mind its nourishment-clarity; your vital its nourishment-integrity; and your body its nourishment-purity. Is it because of this that you are in a hurry?

If all these questions are answered in the affirmative, then I wish to say that you have every reason to be in a hurry. If today you miss your aspiration-train that is bound for realisation-goal, then rest assured you will have to wait indefinitely. So if you are on time, if you catch the aspiration-train that is heading towards realisation-goal, then you are bound to see everything that you wanted to see, feel everything that you wanted to feel and become everything that you wanted to become. So do not miss the aspiration-train.

Dreaming and Planning

5:20 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy Centre,
Jamaica, New York

Are you sleeping? Then sleep. Are you dreaming? Then wake up. Are you planning? Then look up, look around.

If you are sleeping, then sleep; I have nothing to do with you. If you are dreaming, then I must say that I do have something to do with you. If you are planning, then I have everything to do with you.

He who is sleeping does not know what he has and what he is. But you are not sleeping; you are dreaming and planning. So you know what you have and what you are. Again, you have to know that your way of dreaming and my way of dreaming, your way of planning, and my way of planning, are different.

When you dream, you enter into a world which is constantly shaping and moulding a new world. You enter into the planning world, where you want to see the beginning, middle and end of your creative process. But if you become a genuine seeker, you will see that the creator in you and the preserver in you will never meet with an end. There is no end to their creation and preservation. Only they will meet with an ever-transcending reality.

Although your way of dreaming and planning and my way of dreaming and planning are not the same, still you have something and I have something. Your thing is not efficient. It is not effective. It is not perfect. But mine is efficient, effective and perfect. Therefore, I requested you or commanded you to wake up, to look up and look around.

If you have a hand, then you can think of somebody else also having a hand, although your hand may not be as powerful as his hand. If you have an eye, then you can feel that somebody else also has an eye. But your eye may not be as beautiful or as blessed with vision as his eye. If you have finite awareness, finite achievement, then you can be aware of the infinite possibilities of somebody else.

As a genuine seeker, you can know that your dream state is only the precursor of the reality state which somebody else has; you can know that your planning state is only the beginning or the precursor of a state that is far beyond what your mind can see, feel and achieve.

But you have something; therefore, you are bound to be given more. If you have nothing, then you will be given nothing. If you have a little bit of life energy, the doctor will inject the medicine. But if you are totally gone, the doctor is not going to give you any medicine. If you have a little hope, or if the doctor has a little hope in you and for you, then the doctor will apply medicine.

In your life’s journey, if you have an iota of aspiration, then only God will give you infinite aspiration. You are trying to realise God with your planning mind, in your own way. So God says, “Poor fellow, he is at least trying. Let Me show him the right way, the most effective way.” At that time, God shows you His Plan, but unlike the planning you do with your human mind, He shows His ever-transcending Vision.

When you give to God your way of doing something, God offers you His Way of doing that very thing. A child gives to the father a penny or nickel that he finds on the street. That is his only achievement, his only possession, and he gives it to the father. The child could have kept it hidden and used it to buy a piece of candy, but he gave his entire possession to his beloved father. The father feels that the child’s treasure is infinitely more valuable than millions of dollars. Then he gives the child a five dollar bill.

If you can give your own human dreams unreservedly to the Supreme, then you will get His Reality-world. If you give for the sake of your own joy, your Father’s Oneness-Heart with you will always grant you infinitely more than you need and deserve. For His Satisfaction lies only in giving, in making you His Eternity’s friend, co-sharer, partner and compeer of His Infinity’s Light and Immortality’s Delight. So if you give what you have in your dream-world, He will give His Reality-world. If you give what you have in your mental-planning world, He will give you His direct Vision-world. He will give immediately His direct Vision-world, which will blossom into Perfection and Satisfaction-world.

Are You the Lamp of God?

9:40 p.m.
Greenwich Public Library,
Greenwich, Connecticut

“Are you the Lamp of God the Supreme?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What do you do?”

“I lovingly kindle the flame of aspiration in the desire-world.”

“Are you the Lamp of God the Supreme?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What do you do?”

“I devotedly illumine the dedication-world.”

“Are you the Lamp of God the Supreme?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What do you do?”

“I soulfully feed God’s salvation-world early in the morning. I unreservedly feed God’s liberation-world in the afternoon. I unconditionally feed God’s Realisation-world in the evening. Finally, I dine with my Satisfaction-Perfection Father, Friend, my All, at night.”

“My Eternity’s friend, you do so much for your Beloved Supreme, God the Supreme. Now I wish to do something for you. I shall collect the richest harvest of gratitude for you here on earth. I shall collect the richest harvest of pride for you, there in Heaven.”

Published in Everest-Aspiration, part 4


Everest-Aspiration — 14th anniversary



Listen to Sri Chinmoy reading from Everest-Aspiration


Sri Chinmoy reads aloud from his book Everest-Aspiration, containing 100 talks he had given from July 1-20 1977, during a public meditation at Buchman Hall in Manhattan, New York City.


Everest-Aspiration — we all need aspiration of the highest.

I have written over 700 books. According to my aspiration, this book is one of my first seven books. Among 700, this one has a very, very special place.

So, it is my fervent wish that my disciples without fail will read this book at least seven times in this incarnation. And, I may also make the same request to the seekers, who are so kind to me, who have been coming to this place regularly and faithfully, to read this book.

And, I assure you that your aspiration, your heart’s hunger is bound to increase by reading this book. — Sri Chinmoy