This article about Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting is printed in the Sport around the World section of DELO, one of the main daily newspapers in Slovenia. (Number of printed copies: 87,700)




At the age 69 years he lifted 272 kg


New York — At the age 69, Sri Chinmoy set an astonishing record for his age: he bench pressed 272 kg by simultaneously pressed up two gigantic 136 kg weights. 

Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy improved his achievement each day by lifting weights of at least 22.5 kg heavier than the previous day for three successive days. 

But this record is not the only one he has set in the last months. Previously he set records including the standing double-arm dumbbell lift (590 kg), seated double-arm dumbbell lift (200 kg), standing calf raise (907 kg) and seated calf raise (544 kg).

Published in DELO, 10 July 2000