Schweriner Volkszeitung
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Monday, 3 July 2000 page 8
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69-year-old sets world record

Former record mark just surpassed by 100 pounds


New York • The peace meditation leader and fitness pioneer Sri Chinmoy has transcended his own bench press record for his age and weight in New York by raising up a total of 400 pounds (181.4 kg) in the double-arm dumbbell bench press. The 69-year-old raised the two huge 200-pound (90.7 kg) dumbbells a full 7 inches (18 cm) high and held them aloft for six seconds. With 100 pounds (45 kg) more weight than he lifted just one week ago, Sri Chinmoy has far surpassed his own dumbbell world record as well as all other age records. The previous world record using a barbell was 340 pounds (154 kg). Jim Smith, Registrar of the British Amateur Weight Lifters Association, exclaimed, “Dumbbells are much more difficult to lift than a barbell.”

Photo caption:

Sri Chinmoy during the record attempt.

Published in the German daily newspaper Schweriner Volkszeitung in the federal-state of Mecklenburg