Photos by Adarini Inkei


Sixty-two thousand of Sri Chinmoy’s Soul-Bird drawings are exhibited at Aspiration-Ground in Jamaica, New York.


A New Creation

Remarks by Sri Chinmoy
at a celebration to mark his completion of 62,000 bird drawings


These birds are a new creation, the creation that will sing the song of Immortality in the life of mortality

My Lord Beloved Supreme, my life is fast approaching my 62nd birthday. Today I am offering 62,000 soul-birds from the depths of my gratitude-heart to You, to You, my Lord Beloved Supreme.

Each bird embodies a prayerful and soulful heartbeat of my earthly existence. May all the birds that I have offered to You fly in the Sky of Your ever-expanding Compassion for the progress of humanity. Humanity’s progress entirely depends on peace, and this peace is Your unconditional boon to mankind.

My Lord, like the birds, may all human beings sleeplessly and breathlessly fly in Your Compassion, Protection and Perfection-flooded Sky.

To each of you who has worked on this project, I am giving my heart of gratitude. God alone knows whether I will draw more or not, but the joy that these 62,000 birds have given me will remain deathless in my heart. How self-givingly you have helped me in exhibiting these 62,000 drawings! These birds are all flying, flying in the boundless sky of freedom and peace. My Lord Beloved Supreme will shower you all with His boundless Love, boundless Joy and boundless Pride. As a matter of fact, He is already doing it.

These birds are a new creation, the creation that will sing the song of Immortality in the life of mortality. Each bird that we see flying in the sky around us is the self-giving Heartbeat of our Lord Supreme.

Right now my spirituality-world is not giving joy to the entire aspiring mankind. But my art-world, especially my birds, will be able to give joy to each and every human being on earth. Whether or not you believe in the existence of these soul-birds, whether or not you believe these souls are direct representatives of God, these birds will be able to make each and every human being happy — consciously happy, illuminingly happy and fulfillingly happy. These bird-drawings will be able to give joy to each and every human being.

Even in the case of my disciples, from time to time some of you do not get joy from reading my books. But, I assure you, these birds and my other paintings will give you joy any hour of the day or night. The joy, the ecstasy, the delight which they have and they are have a free access to your heart of aspiration and your life of dedication. If at times your aspiration goes down, no harm. These birds will bring your aspiration back to the fore.

I do hope in this lifetime of mine or yours that one day all the birds can be preserved or at least exhibited either in a museum or in a special big hall. It will be a memorable contribution to the world at large from me and from my disciples all over the world.

I have created these birds with my inspiration, and these birds are creating me with their aspiration. I know it and I want all of you to know it and feel it. I want all of you to grow into the beauty, divinity and immortality of these birds that are direct representatives and genuine embodiments of the Immortal Divine within us.

Published in Sri Chinmoy Answers, part 38