Interview with the President of Ireland


Sri Chinmoy meets with Erskine Childers, President of Ireland (1974-1975), at 4 p.m., in the Presidential Palace at Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland.

Sri Chinmoy and President Childers discuss the importance of meditation for all people and the involvement of President Childers’ ancestors in Far Eastern affairs, as well as their interest in the religions of both East and West. During his meeting with Sri Chinmoy, President Erskine Childers of Ireland comments:

“I have been reading your book, The Garland of Nation-Souls, which I like very much. I, too, believe in meditation ... I really believe that in these days of turmoil and strife, we all need something like meditation ... You know, we have tried teaching something about this in our schools, but the only people who have made a real effort to teach this idea have been people from the East, such as yourself.”

Published in AUM – Vol 1, No. 7, 27 July 1974