Bill Pearl’s Prana

Comment by Sri Chinmoy


Bill Pearl’s prana is so powerful. Let him just go to hospitals and stand near sick people. Then, instead of getting oxygen, the sick people should just touch a corner of his garment. So much life-energy they will get from him! In this way, they will immediately get better. Like that, from room to room he could go curing hundreds of people. All strong bodybuilders should go to hospitals and do this work.

Published in My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles, part 1



Sri Chinmoy runs the 100-metre race in the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games held at Ericsson Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite a hamstring injury, he records a time of 20.74 seconds.


Grandfather’s strength

by Sri Chinmoy


Today I lifted 900 pounds on my seated calf raise machine for the second day. This time it was really high. All the sides were clear. When it came down, it made such a sound!

What am I going to do? My present machine cannot go any higher. I shall have to ask Bishwas and Sumadhur to add more weight.

Today is Grandfather’s Day. You are seeing that this Grandfather has so much strength!

Published in A Mystic Journey in the Weightlifting World, part 3