Sri Chinmoy writes 50 poems that will subsequently be published by Aum Press, Puerto Rico in 1974 as The Golden Boat, part 1. It is the first book in his new twenty-volume series.


Author’s Introduction


Today the poet in me has written these 50 poems.

Today I offer my most sincere gratitude to the perfect typist and the untiring server in Nivedan. 

Today the great and divine artist in Pratyay deserves my most special gratitude.

Today the exemplary services rendered by Kalyan, Ashpriha, Mangal, Joe, Dhanu, Sevananda, Bansidhar, Jose Luis, Kanti, Indu, Jolie, Daisy, Drona, Madhavi, Ananta, Eulogio, Nadeshwar, Eshana, Aidita, Lester, Ricky, Anna and many more have found their home in my grateful heart for masking, printing, collating and completing this book to my great satisfaction.

(signed by) Sri Chinmoy
29 January 1974

Published in The Golden Boat, part 1


Poem no. 1

Don’t believe

My foolish heart,
Who told you
That I do not love you?
Don’t believe insecurity.
I tell you,
Insecurity is a graceless liar.

My foolish mind,
Who told you
That I do not need you?
Don’t believe doubt.
I tell you,
Doubt is a hopeless liar.

My foolish vital,
Who told you
That I hate you?
Don’t believe impurity.
I tell you,
Impurity is a shameless liar.

My foolish body,
Who told you
That I force you?
Don’t believe lethargy.
I tell you,
Lethargy is a useless liar.


Poem no. 50

I am never afraid

I am never afraid
    Of hell.
Hell always ignores me.

I am never afraid
    Of Heaven.
Heaven always examines me.

I am never afraid
    Of God.
God always
Teaches me unreservedly,
Loves me constantly,
Perfects me untiringly.



A Seeker

A talk by Sri Chinmoy
at the Virginia Beach Convention Centre, Virginia Beach, Virginia


A seeker is a divine hero. His is the life of conquest, outer and inner. In his outer life he conquers teeming temptations every single day. In his inner life he conquers devastating doubts every single day. A seeker is he who fulfils his soulful promises both to Heaven and to earth. His self-giving role fulfils his promise to Heaven. His self-ascending role fulfils his promise to earth. To give is to become. To ascend is to become. He gives what he has and what he is, and eventually he sees and grows into the universal Soul, the universal Reality. He ascends with his heart’s devotedness-cry and his life’s detachment-smile, and thus he eventually sees and grows into the transcendental Soul and the transcendental Reality.

Unlike most human beings, the seeker knows and feels that every moment is God’s choice Hour. He wants to manifest on earth at every moment good thoughts, illumining ideas and fulfilling love. In essence he wants to manifest God-thought, God-will and God-love here on earth. At the same time he desires to offer his heart’s soulful gratitude unreservedly to Heaven, for he knows that all his achievements here on earth are due to direct inspirations and blessingful guidance from above.

A seeker-hero equally loves both God the Creator and God the creation. He loves God the Creator with his heart’s ever-mounting cry. He loves God the creation with his life’s ever-serving readiness. His heart is inseparably one with the Vision of God the Creator. His life is inseparably one with the manifestation of God the creation.

A seeker is a hero-warrior. He conquers himself in order to become man the blossoming God. He conquers God the infinite Compassion in order to become God the fulfilling man on earth.

Published in AUM – Vol. 5, No. 1, 27 January 1978