BURLINGTON, Vt. — The Sri Chinmoy “Inspiration Marathon” was held here Sunday, Jan. 20, with only two days’ planning.

It wasn’t until Thursday evening that Chip and Sandy got the message that their Master wanted them to make arrangements for a marathon to be held the morning after a Jan. 19 University of Vermont concert.

Many of the disciples had lost their inspiration to practice running in the new year, Sri Chinmoy said, and he wanted to hold a marathon to give them new impetus.

Aided by the Centre's Race Specialty Chief, and Rabindra, who has organised three Sri Chinmoy marathons and ultramarathons, Chip and Sandy picked out and carefully measured a route, painted mile markers on the road, set up ERG and water stations at virtually every mile, and put up flyers announcing the race.

Some 36 runners, mainly disciples, completed the marathon. Sri Chinmoy, who was recovering from running injuries, ran the first 13 miles and the last two. Winner of the race was Rejean, with a time of 2:54.

“I hope this will inspire all of you to take your running seriously,” Sri Chinmoy said after the race.

One of the disciples, who had set a personal record in the run, jokingly said that if he could do this well without any training, there would be no need to practice at all.

“Ba, ha!” the Master replied. “Do you think this kind of Grace will be there all the time?”

Published in Anahata Nada, Vol. 5, No. 12 Vol. 6, No. 1, Dec. 1979 and Jan. 1980