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Sri Chinmoy holds a meditation at historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA, USA, as part of the programme for the 360-mile ‘Liberty-Torch’ run between New York and Washington.


Philadelphia’s Christ Church

A talk by Sri Chinmoy
to the runners of the
Liberty Torch Bicentennial Run

O Church of Christ, to you I bow, to you I bow. You embodied, you embody and you will forever embody America’s hope, America’s promise, America’s sacrifice and America’s pride. As a seeker of the transcendental Truth, I wish to tell you that in the inmost recesses of my heart I feel that you are not only historically unparalleled but also spiritually unparalleled. Countless are the churches in America, but I soulfully and unmistakably feel that this particular church has been blessed by the absolute Supreme most dynamically and most powerfully. Here I always experience the freedom-spirit of America, not only in the physical world, but also in the world of the spirit.

It is the most significant day for me and for my students, especially for the thirteen hero-runners, runners who are lovers of their nation. These divine runners will cover three hundred sixty miles as one way to acclaim their country’s independence from bondage. Love of their country, love of the presiding deity of their country, love of the Inner Pilot of their country, has divinely and supremely inspired these thirteen runners to offer their dedicated capacity to their country.

Here in Philadelphia, we are offering our heart’s most soulful prayer to this church, the Truth-Abode of God. The soul of America embodies peerless hope, peerless promise, unparalleled sacrifice and unparalleled pride. My soulful prayer is this: “O soul of America, you are awakened. You are running fast, faster, fastest. May you continue this unimaginable speed, not only in the world of vision but also in the world of reality.” The world of vision has made America great. The world of reality is making America good.

I believe in reincarnation. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this church was frequented by me in the physical body many, many years ago. It was here that I played my role soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally as a supreme lover of this mighty country. In this incarnation I have come here as a seeker, to love this country and to serve this country infinitely more than I did in that previous incarnation. In this incarnation, by the Grace of the Absolute Supreme, I shall be infinitely more successful, for I have with me this time hundreds of sweet children, who are for the Supreme and who consciously want to please the Supreme in the Supreme’s ever-illumining, ever-fulfilling way.

When I lived here before, I saw a new world emerging. Now again, after a long time, I see another new world. The world that I saw and lived in is being triumphantly surpassed by the world that I now see and now live in. Previously, the world was one of hope, promise, sacrifice and pride. Now the world is oneness within and oneness without — oneness of the individual with the collective, oneness of the one with the many, oneness with the world that we already have and oneness with the world that we are going to have. Here I see the oneness of the veiled world and the unveiled world. The veiled world is ignorance; the unveiled world is wisdom. Today the veiled world is being transformed into the fulfilling manifestation-world of the Absolute Supreme.

In the name of the Absolute Supreme, in the name of the Saviour’s soul, I bless my runner-seekers. These thirteen runner-seekers will always feel special Grace in the heart of the American freedom-spirit. Today their dedication to their country’s spirit is being imprinted in letters of gold in my gratitude-heart.


Sri Chinmoy wrote in the guest book at Christ Church this significant message:

“The country-server of the past comes as the country-lover of the present to fulfil the Supreme in His own way.”

Published in AUM – Vol. 3, No. 1, January 27, 1976


Passing Along the Good News

by Sri Chinmoy
in Cancún, Mexico


Perhaps some of you do not know that the day before yesterday the Mayor of Guatemala City, Oscar Berger, declared that Guatemala City has become another Peace-Blossom Capital.

How did I find out? I am staying here in Cancún, Mexico. I called Minati at my house in New York.

I asked her, “What news?”

Minati said, “Guru, I am sure you know already.”

I said, “What is the good news?” Then she told me all about what the Mayor had done.

I was so surprised. I asked her, “How could you know? How did you get this news?”

She said, “Dipali told me.”

And how did Dipali know? She found out from one girl in Houston. This girl phoned up Dipali and gave her the good news. So Minati is the right person to tell me!

Just one week ago, the Governor of the area where we were staying in Lake Atitlan declared that Lake Atitlan is now a Sri Chinmoy Peace Lake. — 12 January 1998

Published in The World-Experience-Tree-Climber, part 8



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Iguaçu Falls is dedicated a Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls at a ceremony in Iguaçu National Park, Brazil.