My Lord Beloved Supreme





My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I enter into Your Heart
To love You only in Your own Way.
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I sit at Your Feet
To need You only in Your own Way.
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I look at Your Eye
To fulfil You only in Your own Way.

Published in Paradise is Where I Bend My Knees


Sri Chinmoy sets music to this prayer while on a Christmas trip in Cancún, Mexico. The prayer was written on December 18, 1997, while he was staying at Lake Atitlán in the highlands of Guatemala.

“This prayer embodies the meaning of our Path. We did not create this prayer, but God created it so that He could teach us how to pray to Him.” — Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy asks his disciples to recite the prayer or sing the song during morning meditations, saying that this would help them “immensely” in their spiritual lives.


Listen to Sri Chinmoy singing
Recorded during the 1998/99 Christmas trip


Twenty-First Century


Twenty First Century, the New Millennium!
No more the old sorrows and joys-compendium
God’s Heart, God’s Eye, a new hope and a new promise!
O run and dive and fly — Bliss, Infinity’s Bliss!
The world shall cheer the road with a God-surrender-song.
Creator’s Silence-Hearts, creation’s sound-lives throng.

Published in The New Millennium


Song for the New Millennium

Comments by Sri Chinmoy
14 January 1998, during a bus trip from Cancun to Merida, Mexico

One second before you sing the “New Millennium” song, if you see and feel what you are singing, then it will be much better. First you have to see, and then feel. Look at a tree: you will immediately feel that the tree is inside you. Then you can express the beauty of the tree. See and feel, and then express it. Then your singing will be completely different. Sing each and every song like that!

Published in Only Gratitude-Tears


More about the ‘New Millennium’ song

by Sri Chinmoy
14 January 1998, in Merida, Mexico

Life’s dynamic spirit I need in this song, from the beginning to the end! People who were in my bus sang and sang and sang this song to my satisfaction. It has to be full of spirit and vigour, right from the beginning to the end.

With this song we shall end our Peace Concerts from now on. Everywhere that will be our anthem, and it will be full of dynamic spirit.

It is an English song. First, try to envision the meaning of the words. As soon as you think of the Twenty-First Century, the New Millennium, try to imagine it. Your vision and realisation have to precede your revelation and expression. When you are singing each line, try to see each word first, then feel it and finally express it.

Published in Only Gratitude-Tears