Sri Chinmoy greets Chakravarthi V. Narasimhan, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Inter-Agency Affairs and Co-ordination, at a meeting of the Meditation Group at the United Nations, in New York.


Sri Chinmoy: On behalf of the Meditation Group at the United Nations, I would like to garland you with my heart's deepest gratitude and my ever-increasing gratitude. An insignificant son of Mother India is offering his deepest love, joy, gratitude and pride to a most illustrious and supremely chosen son of Bharat Mata. This garland is our humble offering of ever-increasing gratitude for what you have been doing for the world at large through the United Nations with your all-loving heart and your ever-mounting inner cry, which is the purest aspiration. To your climbing cry to bring about a new world, a world of peace, harmony and love, we offer this with our heart's ever-increasing gratitude.

You are at once the embodiment of humanity's cry and divinity's grace. This Meditation Group would like to be with you and for you, to serve the world along with you, according to our limited capacity. You have blessed our Meditation Group today by your spiritual and divine presence and for that I shall remain eternally grateful to you and to the Supreme in you.

Today I wish to offer a most special prayer to the Supreme, the Author of all good. My prayer is that my most revered brother, Sri Narasimhan, will ascend to the ultimate height of the United Nations. You have been working for the world most sincerely from the penultimate height for a long time, and it is my most fervent prayer to the Supreme in you that one day in the near future you will ascend to the highest rung of the United Nations ladder. This is my prayer and the prayer of our small Meditation Group.

Sri Chinmoy then garlanded Mr. Narasimhan.

Mr. Narasimhan: I am deeply touched. I did not expect to be so received by you. I just wanted to be here at the first meeting of the Meditation Group in the New Year to express my personal support for the work you are doing here. ln the Eye of the Lord, there is no such thing as an illustrious son of India and a non-illustrious son of India. There is no such thing as an important person and an unimportant person. One of the first precepts of the Lord is that all are equal. And so far as I am concerned, I am very happy where I am and I am very glad that I have been spared many of the headaches that some of my superiors have had.

I also offer my hopes for the New Year, that 1975 will be better than 1974; it certainly could not be worse. Many of you know that music is my second passion. I would like to sing something for you, if I may.

Mr. Narasimhan sang an Indian song.

Sri Chinmoy: I never knew that you had such a haunting voice. I would be deeply honoured if you would come and sing for my students some time.

Mr. Narasimhan graciously accepted this offer.

Published in ‘Meditation at the United Nations’ Vol. 3 No. 1, 27 January 1975, pages 32-34.



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