From a public relations news release: “A 5-foot-8-inch East Indian gentleman has been spreading inner peace and yesterday raised one ton of weight with one arm using what he describes as ‘the power of inner peace.’

“Leader of regular meditations at the United Nations and U.S. Congress and honorary citizen of more than 20 states, Sri Chinmoy was recently invited to inaugurate a series of meditations for members of Great Britain’s Houses of Parliament. ...

“Sri Chinmoy led the members in silent meditation and answered a number of questions. At the conclusion, Lord Ennals remarked, “This is a great honor for us. In a place where there is often too much noise, it’s good to have this kind of silence.”

“A few days later Sri Chinmoy returned to his New York home and applied his meditative capacities to raising 1,317 pounds overhead with one arm, just over 17 months after starting weightlifting. Then the 160-pound spiritual leader went out of town for a week.

“Upon returning a few days ago he lifted 1,515¼ pounds with one arm. Then, just yesterday, as a Thanksgiving day tribute, Sri Chinmoy lifted 2,039 pounds on his first day attempting that weight. This represents nearly 13 times his body weight, far beyond the 600 pounds that ·anyone else has been reported to lift overhead with one or two arms.” — Roundup, C3

Published in the Religion section of ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Saturday, January 3, 1987


Video by Sri Chinmoy Centre, Brazil


In an interview at the end of the Peace Concert in Curitiba, Sri Chinmoy speaks about his reasons for visiting Brazil and the importance of peace in the New Millennium. In response to the interviewer, Sri Chinmoy also summarises his philosophy in a few words.