Photo by Prashphutita Greco


Sri Chinmoy’s Soul-Bird drawing in honour of his Mother Yogamāyā Ghose


The Dawn of the New Year

On the first day of this year, I was in Nandi, Fiji. My father’s soul came to me and we had a marathon conversation. Then I became inspired to draw birds representing my father, my mother and my sisters and brothers as part of my series of one million birds. Although these soul-bird drawings are part of my one million, they are not like the other birds. These bird drawings are something special in my own life. In these birds, I have put the consciousness of my father, my mother and my sisters and brothers. I can see it very vividly, very vividly.

Strangely enough, when my students counted the number of little birds in my mother’s drawing, they found the exact number to be 3,127 — and I happened to be born in 1931 on August 27th.

— Sri Chinmoy

Published in To The Streaming Tears of My Mother's Heart and to the Brimming Smiles of My Mother's Soul.