‘Enthusiasm’ Singing Group

Sri Chinmoy speaks
to a group of young girl singers who sing his special English songs, at Nexus Resort Karambunai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


These English songs help your soul and heart, even your mind, your vital and your body. What more do you need? These songs help all parts of the being. I get such joy, such joy, when I listen to this group! This joy is nothing but progress. If you believe in progress, then when you sing these songs, you definitely make progress. Learn them, learn them! The songs you performed the day before yesterday were so sweet.

As far as the members go, it is up to the leader whomever she wants to take. Again, I feel that if you invite really good singers, they will take the joy away from the rest. Your group has to have a speciality of its own. If you take too many good cooks, they will spoil the broth and your group’s speciality will disappear. But if you have some friends who are third-class or even no-class singers, then you can take them. If you accept super-excellent singers because of your friendship with them, then the pristine beauty and fragrance of this group will disappear, along with the special joy that you give to the audience. Right now you are all singing in oneness. You have to be careful not to make the group too big.

This is our Enthusiasm group. Enthusiasm is very colourful. When you have enthusiasm, all the colours come to you, to help you. In that way enthusiasm is full of many different colours, and it helps us considerably. Kindly make your costumes very colourful and charming. In April when you perform, your costumes should be beautiful, colourful and gorgeous!

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Photo by Kedar Misani


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