Walking In Myanmar

An anecdote by Sri Chinmoy


This year during our Christmas trip I went out walking for a total of perhaps four or five days. Savyasachi encouraged me to walk on the street outside my guest house and a few times I went to the track to walk.

One day I was walking along the main road and then I got the inspiration to turn down a side street. Suddenly a Burmese girl, very nicely dressed, appeared. I could not see where she had come from. She passed between me and an iron gate. The gate was closed and there was literally no space for her to pass, but she did not dash against the gate. Perhaps she dematerialised!

On two different nights I walked around the parking lot of the Deluxe Hotel while the disciples meditated. Once upon a time I promised myself that every Thursday I would walk seven miles. I had such confidence in my promise. But I have not been able to keep it.

Published in Walking-Challenging-Becoming, part 1


Photos by Adarini Inkei


Sri Chinmoy lifts 40-time English Channel Swimmer Alison Streeter and her mother at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.