Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy lifts 37 people including Remang ak Japar (right in the top photo; left in bottom photo), an 86-year-old headhunter and renowned Iban jungle warrior from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, who was awarded the George Cross by Great Britain for his great valour and heroism during WW II, at the Holiday Inn in Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia. The lift was the Sri Chinmoy’s 1,000th in his ‘Lifting up the World with a Oneness-Heart’ programme.

Sri Chinmoy also lifted the chief of the Dayak tribe Bansing ak Usah (left in the top photo; right in bottom photo), who was so moved by the experience that he presented Sri Chinmoy with his most prized possession, his grandfather's ring, and made the Master an honorary chieftain.

Afterwards, Sri Chinmoy called the two tribesmen:

”Divine warriors fighting against ignorance.

“You and I are sailing in the same boat, seeking to become good human beings so that God can utilise us in a very, very special way."


The Honorary Chief

The oldest living head hunter (long ago retired) came to see me in Borneo. He was 85 years old.

Then the chief of the tribe came to see me. The chief liked me so much that he gave me his grandfather’s ring. He put it on my finger and said, “I am making you an honorary chief of the Iban tribe.”

I gave the old man a shirt and the young Iban chief an ocarina. They were both very happy.

I also gave each of them six pictures that I had taken myself when they were dancing. Long live my camera!

Both the old man and the chief had tremendous receptivity.

— Sri Chinmoy
6 January 1989

Published in The World-Experience-Tree-Climber, part 7


Sri Chinmoy lifts 54 students and teachers from Toul Kork Primary School at the Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.