Twenty short poems
by Sri Chinmoy


Only a self-giving devotee
Can have ecstatic confidence
In the depths of his heart.


If we can earnestly
And soulfully meditate,
Then we can easily have
Cheerful confidence.


Perfect confidence is not
In earth-possession
But in self-illumination.


To acquire victory's crown,
One must cultivate
Resolute confidence
In one's spiritual life.


If a seeker is not
Continuously blessed
With purity-breath,
Then his life
Will unmistakably betray
Arrogant confidence.


Success on the outer plane
Does not remain a far cry
After the mind has achieved
Solid confidence.


Before God-realisation
It is almost an impossible task
To have supreme confidence
In one's aspiration-life.


Devilish confidence
And destruction
Are immediate neighbours.


To have complacent confidence
Is the beginning
Of one's fast-approaching perdition
In one's inner life.


If you are a good seeker,
Then you will try
To earn confidence
In the depths
Of your aspiring heart
And not enjoy confidence
In your obscure and impure vital.


A disciplined life
Can unmistakably
Register confidence
In the searching mind.


When the clever mind undermines
Your spiritual confidence
In your life,
Do not be doomed to disappointment,
Even for a fleeting second.


Confidence in my mind


Confidence in my heart


Confidence in my soul


My aspiring heart
My intimate confidant.


My searching mind
My faithful confidant.


My striving vital
My usual confidant.


My awakened body
My receptive confidant.


My dedicated life
My serving and fulfilling

Published in Two Divine Qualities: Confidence and Sincerity


The Heaven-Ambassador of Peace and the Earth-Ambassador of Peace

Kuantan, Malaysia

Sri Chinmoy  comments after Amritananda reads out his award-winning poem about the oneness of all God's children and the single mountain-top at which all paths converge, concluding with "Dedicated to Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations, who has climbed the mountain, and understands, and teaches well."

My dearest Amritananda, I appreciate your poem, I admire your poem and I adore your poem.

One individual can be both the Heaven-ambassador of peace and the earth-ambassador of peace. A single individual can be the Heaven-ambassador of peace and the earth-ambassador of peace. And that ambassador is your soul, that ambassador is your heart. Your soul and your heart are both peace-ambassadors. You are the peace-ambassador of Heaven and the peace-ambassador of earth.

Not as a great educator, not as a great religious newscaster, but as an individual who has combined the mental approach and the spiritual approach to new peace-building, you are at once the hope-bearer and promise-fulfiller. You start with hope and you enter into the promise-world. Then you keep your promise.

This world of ours should have known much, much more about you, for in you I find a real synthesis of the mind and the heart. The wisdom of the heart and the knowledge-intelligence of the mind you have in infinite, infinite measure.

You are telling the world, “Do not give up hope, do not give up hope!” Hope is there. Hope is inside our heart, hope is inside our mind, hope is inside our life; and this hope eventually takes us to our promise. Hope shows its sweetness-beauty, and its slow and steady progress to promise. Promise says, “If you are with me, O hope, then I am destined to bring about world peace.” Hope and promise are like two wings of the same bird. This bird is constantly reminding us, “Stop not! Do not think you are a failure, even for a fleeting moment. You are the eventual winner of the peace-world.”

My dearest Amritananda, your soul is flooded with hope and promise. Similarly, your hope permeates each and every cell, every limb of yours. We feel that your message to the world is something beautifully blooming, sacredly blooming, and soulfully and powerfully blooming. Now you are in the blooming stage, but there shall come a time when your soul’s promise and your heart’s love for the world will be manifested here in the heart of the world.

I am all love for you, all love for you, all gratitude, gratitude, gratitude to you and all pride in you, pride you, my dearest Amritananda.

Published in My Golden Children