KATHMANDU — Visiting peace ambassador Sri Chinmoy paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Manmohan Adhikari of Nepal Dec. 13 at the government office building, Singha Darbar.

The Indian-born ambassador of peace, who had met with former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai the previous day, was visiting Nepal as part of a good will tour of Southeast Asia.

“We want to make our land a land of peace where every group practices its religion in harmony with other religions and appreciates other religions,” Prime Minister Adhikari told Sri Chinmoy.

Said Sri Chinmoy: “We play different roles, but we know in the depths of our hearts that we are all members of the same world family and that there is only one truth and reality.”

During the meeting, Sri Chinmoy’s students sang a song their teacher had written about the Prime Minister, describing him as “Nepal’s sleepless progress-perfection-voice.”

Sri Chinmoy’s meeting with Krishna Prasad Bhattarai on the previous day also included a song performed by the Sri Chinmoy choir. In this song, Sri Chinmoy hailed the former Prime Minister, who is now President of the opposition Congress Party, as a “renunciation-hero” who is “inviting all to come and visit your compassion-flooded heart-garden.”

The former Prime Minister and the Master met again for a private dinner at Sri Chinmoy’s hotel on Dec. 16.


Left: Nepal Prime Minister Manmohan Adhikari receives Peace Torch from Sri Chinmoy. Above: Former Nepali Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai with Sri Chinmoy.

Published in Anahata Nada, Volume 24, December 1994–Mach 1995